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How to Hire in Oklahoma City: OKC Hiring Trends for 2023

As a business owner or manager searching for prospective applicants, a great starting point is to get the word out that you’re hiring in OKC. And what better way to do this than to post a help wanted OKC ad. However, before doing so, you need to familiarize yourself with the regional job market.

This enables you to determine which locations to find candidates with the right knowledge and training as well as competitors you’re up against. This article provides a wealth of information on the job market insights of Oklahoma City, OK.

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Below are Indeed’s insights* to help you create your next help wanted ad in Oklahoma City:

*Indeed data (US) – December 2022
As of December 2022, jobs in Oklahoma City, OK, are moderately competitive compared to other job markets.

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Competing for talent in Oklahoma City


Job seekers that clicked Oklahoma City job postings


Jobs that received clicks by job seekers


Average number of job seekers per job posting

Who else is hiring in Oklahoma City?

Below are the most popular employers in the Oklahoma City metro based on job clicks in August 2022 on Indeed.com.

Here are the top employers by clicks:

  1. Certified Source
  2. State of Oklahoma
  3. Mathis Home
  4. University of Oklahoma
  5. Mercy
  6. SYNQ3 Restaurant Solutions
  7. SSM Health
  8. Advanced Call Center Technologies, LLC
  9. Hobby Lobby
  10. Paycom

Job seeker search activity in Oklahoma City?

Here are the top search terms job seekers click on in Oklahoma City:

  1. Warehouse
  2. Receptionist
  3. Manager
  4. Delivery Driver
  5. Administrative Assistant
  6. Cannabis
  7. Sales
  8. Retail
  9. LPN
  10. RN

Where are the candidates for Oklahoma City jobs?

Local hires are often the best, especially for C-level (executive) positions in an organization. They are usually easiest to onboard, knowledgeable of the local market and connected with locals. To expand your pool of prospective candidates, consider hiring from neighboring cities like Edmond and Norman.

Below are the top 10 listed locations for resumes in the Austin area:

  1. Oklahoma City, OK
  2. Edmond, OK
  3. Norman, OK
  4. Yukon, OK
  5. Moore, OK
  6. Midwest City, OK
  7. Del City, OK
  8. Mustang, OK
  9. Bethany, OK
  10. Choctaw, OK

Indeed requires location information for job postings and is one of the first pieces of information that is needed to list a job.

Need to post your job in multiple locations? Click here to learn more. Please note our location policies and only post jobs to locations where an opportunity is currently available.

Recruit from Oklahoma City universities, colleges and trade schools

Hiring from universities, colleges and trade schools in Oklahoma City gives you access to a larger prospective employee pool. You can mold graduates into professionals who fit well into your organizational culture and perform at their peak.

Oklahoma City colleges and universities

The largest industry in Oklahoma is the oil industry. For that reason, many Oklahoma universities and colleges offer some of the best engineering programs. Higher learning institutions in Oklahoma comprise large research universities — public and private — mid-sized colleges and small schools for liberal arts.

Oklahoma City is the capital of the state of Oklahoma. Thus, most universities and colleges in the state are located in the Oklahoma City and Tulsa metropolitan areas.

Some of the Oklahoma City colleges you might want to consider include:

  • University of Oklahoma
  • Oklahoma City University
  • University of Central Oklahoma
  • Oklahoma Christian University

Oklahoma City trade schools

Trade schools in Oklahoma City, OK, can also provide candidates for positions that require specialized skills.

Two prominent trade schools in the city:

  • Platt College
  • Central State Massage Academy

Hiring and other resources for Oklahoma City businesses

City of Oklahoma City: The City of Oklahoma City’s official website provides several resources to business owners in the city. These include business licenses, disaster preparedness, contractor resources and more. Visit the City of Oklahoma City.

Greater Oklahoma City Chamber: This organization represents the interests of thousands of businesses across all industries. It spans all ten counties of Oklahoma City. Top business leaders make up the Chamber’s board of advisors, the board of directors and the executive committee, which oversee its activities. Visit the Greater Oklahoma City Chamber.

Oklahoma City Human Resources Society (OCHRS): OCHRS is chapter #0129 of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM). The organization serves businesses and HR professionals in central Oklahoma to raise the competence and performance standards of human resource professionals in the area. Visit the official OCHRS website.

Oklahoma Human Resources State Council (OKHR): This organization’s mission is to empower HR chapters and the HR community in Oklahoma. It achieves this by advocating best practices and creating learning opportunities. OKHR is an affiliate of the SHRM. Visit the official OKHR website.

Find Oklahoma City talent: best practices for creating a help wanted ad

A number of factors contribute to Oklahoma City’s moderately competitive job market, including steady population growth. Taking the time to understand the market will help you reach and attract a qualified talent pool.

Ready to create and distribute a help wanted ad in Oklahoma City? Check out our guide on how to write a help wanted ad or get started by posting your job on Indeed.

It's quick and easy to post jobs on Indeed. Post your Oklahoma City, OK job today.Post a Job

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