In previous posts, we showed how to target your resume searches to quickly find the most relevant candidates on Indeed. Many people with resumes on Indeed are employed and aren't actively looking for a new job. To get their attention, you need to show them why your job opportunity is relevant to their experience.

Here are some simple methods recruiters and hiring managers can use to craft personalized messages and get greater response rates when contacting people on Indeed Smart Sourcing.

Personalize your introduction

Start by using the person’s first name - then introduce yourself and your company. A simple statement like “Dear Nathan, I’m Joe Smith, Recruiting Manager, at Smith and Co.” sets a good stage for describing your job opportunity.

And if you’re using a message template, clean it up and double check your fields. “Dear xxx” isn’t a good conversation starter.

Present the opportunity

The goal of first contact should be to spark further dialogue by motivating the recipient to want to learn more about the opportunity. To capture their attention, be clear about the aspects of their resume that may make them a good fit for the job and show why it could be a smart career move.

  • "We have an opening on our business development team and your history of increasing new client acquisitions makes me think you might be a great a fit. As the Business Development Manager, you’d  be responsible for developing and executing the sales strategy for our new line of widgets and establishing new distribution partnerships."
  • "I’m impressed by your history of launching international marketing programs and would love to speak with you about a new director-level position we’re creating on our global marketing team. In this role, you’d be responsible for leading an international marketing strategy that supports our growth in Europe."

If available, provide a link to the job description or your career site to help the person further evaluate whether your opportunity is one they’d like to learn more about.

Don't send mystery messages

Be sure to include your name, title and company. Providing a link to your own Indeed Smart Sourcing is a great way to introduce yourself. Without these details your messages may come off as spammy and the recipient won’t know who they are corresponding with. We also recommend using a corporate email address instead of a personal address if possible.

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Editor's note: This post was originally published in October, 2012 and updated to reflect Indeed latest product specs.