Checklist for effective messaging

Here’s a list of what you should (and shouldn’t) do to land that hire, based on Indeed’s internal research and expertise. Follow these easy-to-implement dos and don’ts to elevate your recruiting, make better hires and take outreach to the next level.

Image: The word "don't"

* Send generic bulk emails

* Send lengthy emails

* Leave out the candidate’s name

* Leave out details about the position itself

* Include salary information

* Skip out on homework

* Forget to mention who you are and where you work

* Use unprofessional language

* Send an email without proofreading and checking for typos

* Assume that more is better

Image: The word "do"

* Take the time to personalize and individualize outreach messages

* Keep things brief — in the email body, aim for 120 words

* Take the time to say “Greetings ____” or “Good morning ____”

* Give the candidate an idea of the position and why it might appeal to them

* Share enticing aspects of the role, such as better perks or a new title

* Research the candidate’s background, experience and interests

* Keep this part short and sweet, because the focus isn’t on you

* Remember that you’re representing the first impression of your workplace

* Take advantage of spell- and grammar-check software

* Keep email subject lines and content short, sweet and to the point