Sometimes finding the ideal job requires inside information on a company’s culture, management and policies. To help people find the right company, Indeed now has more than 4 million reviews from current and former employees at hundreds of thousands of organizations.

Over the past year and a half, the number of reviews on Indeed has grown from 2,500 per week to nearly 55,000 per week. In a survey of 1,000 recent job seekers conducted by Redshift Research for Indeed, 83% of respondents said employer reviews influenced their decision on where to apply, and 46% said that a company’s reputation had a significant impact on their final decision to accept a job offer.

This data suggests that employees and their online reviews are constantly acting as informal recruiters. According to the 2014 Edelman Trust Barometer, a potential job seeker is more likely to trust a company’s average employee as a credible source on benefits, working conditions, employee programs, and business practices — a credibility ranking nearly 10% higher than even the company’s CEO. This trend is reflected in apply rates on Indeed: employers who have reviews on their Company Pages see a 5% increase in applies.

Reviews in search results

Reviews on Indeed are integrated into the job search experience, with the most representative rating appearing in the search results for job seekers. This marriage of existing employee perspectives with job seeker intent enables candidates to better evaluate a job. As Chris Hyams, SVP of Product Engineering at Indeed, explains, “Just as reviews have had a profound impact on the way we shop, employer reviews are changing the way people search for their next job. The opinions and experiences of current and previous employees are significantly impacting how employers are perceived by potential employees.”

You can read reviews from over 2.4 million companies and learn about organizations of interest to you. If you’re an employer, be sure to claim your Company Page, and share your story with job seekers worldwide.