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12 Creative Recruiting Ideas

Are you tired of traditional recruiting ideas? Do you find that you don’t get the quality and diversity of candidates you want with your current methods? Shake up the routine with creative recruiting ideas that can help you reach more people. These methods let you show your company’s personality to attract the right type of candidates. Explore these nontraditional recruitment ideas to improve your recruiting process.

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Benefits of using creative recruiting ideas

Many traditional recruiting ideas are still effective. However, using creative recruiting ideas can shake things up and complement traditional options. Here are some benefits of trying creative recruiting ideas:

  • Greater reach: Many creative recruiting ideas reach people who haven’t heard of your company or aren’t necessarily looking for a new job. The creativity often encourages others to share your recruitment posts, even if they aren’t interested in applying.
  • Reputation as a creative company: Standing out with unique recruitment methods can make your company more recognizable. If your industry relies on creativity, you prove to candidates that you know how to do it right.
  • Better candidate match: If you show off your quirky side with your recruitment ideas, you’re more likely to attract people who want to work for a company like yours.
  • Set yourself apart: When competition for candidates is tight, being creative with your recruiting can distinguish you from similar companies. This not only encourages more people to apply, but those candidates might be more likely to accept an interview and a job offer.

1. Showcase your culture

Your company culture is what sets you apart from all the other businesses in your niche. Perhaps your company culture emphasizes diversity and innovation. Make it easy to see those things by infusing your company culture into your social media, website, blog posts and anything else you do. This makes it easier to find the right type of candidate who appreciates that culture.

2. Create online content

Creating online content makes your company’s name become more recognizable. When someone searches for related content, you might pop up in the search results. People who haven’t heard of your company might click through to your site and decide to apply. This is a type of inbound recruiting that draws candidates to you instead of you going out and finding them.

A blog on your website gives you full control over the content you produce. People who read the posts are already on your website, so you can make it easy for them to find your careers page and encourage them to apply. Guest posting on industry blogs and websites with a link back to your site can expand your online reach.

3. Shoot a video

A static career page can provide information candidates need, but it’s not always engaging. Videos are easier to consume and create more of a connection than blocks of text. Candidates can see the company, read about some of the employees and get a better feel of what it’s like to work for you. Videos are also flexible because you can put them on your website and share them on social media.

4. Target niche candidates

Making your company attractive to certain niche candidates can expand your pool and offer employment to groups that sometimes have difficulty finding jobs. Examples include military veterans, working moms, people with disabilities and those who have spent time in jail. Create recruitment campaigns that target those groups.

Making your workplace more attractive to those types of candidates can also help. To attract working moms, you might create a space for breastfeeding moms to pump, provide childcare assistance or have flexible work arrangements. If you’re trying to attract candidates with disabilities, go beyond the minimum accessibility requirements to make your office easy to navigate for those with all types of disabilities.

5. Host online recruitment events

Online recruiting events let interested candidates learn more about your company in a low-pressure environment. People can join from home and keep a low profile if they want. Interactive options, such as Instagram Live, give candidates the option to ask questions or show their personality to stand out. You might notice people in the virtual event that you want to interview, and participants can decide if they might want to apply.

6. Schedule in-person meetups

Even better, meet interested candidates in person with meetups at the office or a neutral location. Market it as a recruiting event or host a general industry meetup that you can use for covert recruiting purposes.

For example, you might host a recruiting open house at the office where prospective employees can see the setup, meet employees and ask questions. Both sides can get an idea if the candidate is a good match. An office potluck, free training or facility tours are other ideas.

Hosting a general industry meetup can help you network and meet potential employees. If you own an architecture firm, you might host a meetup for local architects, for example. This can be a lower-stress event that lets you see the real side of people.

7. Highlight employee experiences

Your current employees can often be a powerful voice for recruitment. Seeing your employees being happy and doing meaningful tasks at work can make your company seem appealing to applicants. They might also connect with one of your employees and decide to apply to work with them.

One easy way to do this is by having employee spotlights on your website and social media channels. Use video to help your employees’ personalities show. You can also show behind-the-scenes footage of your employees in action or ask them to offer a testimonial for working for the company.

Simply celebrating your employees on social media is also a smart recruitment idea. When you recognize accomplishments, celebrate milestones and otherwise elevate your employees, people realize you care about your staff. This might encourage them to apply so they can be a part of that culture.

8. Team up with other companies

You may be growing, but other businesses in your industry might be downsizing. Developing relationships with related companies can give you an inside connection to employees who might be without a job due to circumstances beyond their control. You get direct recommendations and the company that’s cutting back can help their employees find new employment.

Another strategy is to partner with a real estate agent or similar businesses in other industries. When the agent is helping someone from out of town find a house, they might recommend your company as a potential job opportunity.

9. Ask former employees

Sure, your former employees left for a reason. Maybe they relocated to a different area, but now they’ve moved back. Or they may have accepted a higher-paying position with a different company because you didn’t have a promotion opportunity at the time. That departure doesn’t mean you can’t have a second chance with a stellar employee. As a bonus, former employees already understand the company culture and processes, so the transition is easy.

Reach out to former employees who would work well in a current vacancy. Create a simplified application process for former employees to make it easier for them to apply.

10. Print recruitment cards

You likely have business cards for yourself and your employees, but do you have recruitment cards ready to distribute? Create custom recruitment cards that mention the person caught your eye for their exceptional performance and you would like to see them apply for your company. Include easy methods for finding your company and applying online. When you meet someone who might be a good candidate, hand them a card and encourage them to apply. Have your managers and trusted team members keep recruitment cards on hand, too.

11. Join social media trends

If you want to position your company as young and trendy, join in on social media trends to gain attention. Put your own twist on the trends to relate them to your company. TikTok and Instagram are hotspots for trending dances and other video types that might fit your company. Include your website or contact info in your social media profiles, so people know how to find your recruitment page if you go viral.

12. Recruit freelancers or volunteers

Hiring someone new is always a risk because it’s not always easy to know how they’ll actually perform. Outsourcing some work to freelancers lets you test out potential candidates. If you find a freelancer you like, encourage them to apply for a full-time position. Some freelancers don’t want a permanent job, but others might like the stability.

If you run a nonprofit organization that uses volunteers, you have another potential candidate pool. The volunteers already support your mission and understand what you do, which can make the transition to employee easier. Let them know about job vacancies that would be a good match for their skills.

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