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Recruiting for Your Company: Tips, Strategies and FAQs

When looking to grow your team, it’s imperative that you attract qualified candidates that will fill the position, align with your company culture and grow your organization. By focusing on the recruitment process, you can ensure that you are catching the attention of these applicants. This article explains why recruitment is important for a company, details some popular strategies, lists some best practices for the process and addresses a few frequently asked questions regarding recruiting.

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Why is recruitment important?

Recruitment is the phase of the hiring process in which companies are trying to get the attention of potential applicants. By reaching a wide range of potential employees through the best recruitment practices, it gives companies a larger pool of candidates to choose from, therefore increasing the chances that they will be able to find the ideal person for the vacant position.

Common types of recruitment

There are many different classifications for recruitment, which can be split into a few different categories, such as:

  • Passive recruiting
  • Active recruiting
  • Internal recruiting

Passive recruiting

Passive recruiting refers to when companies simply post job vacancies on their website and wait for interested individuals to find the posting and apply. This strategy really only works for well-known companies that receive a high volume of applications without further effort.

Active recruiting

Most companies seek out candidates in a more active way, by attending job fairs, visiting college campuses and other creative strategies, such as:

  • Social recruiting:Companies are beginning to use their social networking accounts to advertise job openings in an effort to recruit potential applicants. Additionally, some online job boards have begun to use social media to communicate listings and career tips to people in the market.
  • Referrals:Referrals are a great recruitment tool for companies because possible candidates are recommended by current employees that know the company and are aware of the qualities that would make someone a good fit for the position. Aside from streamlining the hiring process, referrals are beneficial to all parties involved. For example, many companies provide bonuses when an employee refers a candidate that is hired and referrals from someone currently working at a company can help applicants get noticed by a hiring manager.
  • Online job boards:Utilizing online job boards to post about openings in your company is probably one of the more common and effective recruiting strategies. There are a number of options available and most job seekers search for openings across multiple platforms, increasing the chances that qualified candidates will see the opening and apply.

Internal recruiting

Internal recruitment takes place when an organization fills a position by utilizing their internal source of candidates. This usually takes the form of transfers, where an employee is moved to a different department or location, and promotions. In addition to being a great way to save time, effort and money, internal recruitment also motivates employees, which then increases the overall level of productivity. However, regardless of this method’s many benefits, there are times when external recruitment is still the preferred option because it provides a new perspective and more resources.

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Best recruiting practices

Here are a few things to focus on when recruiting candidates for your company:

  • Create a career page.Your company’s website should be designed to attract future employees as well as customers. You can increase the chances of finding a candidate that will share your company’s values, mission and vision by crafting a website and job description that demonstrates the personality and culture of your brand, making it clear why it’s such a great place to work. Additionally, you should incorporate an easy way for those interested to submit an application, regardless if you are currently hiring. This is a great way to build a pool of potential candidates for future openings.
  • Utilize video.Aside from being used to sell products, video is a great way to attract potential employees. This is largely due to the fact that video allows you to communicate verbal and non-verbal messages. For example, you can use video to demonstrate how working at your company feels by introducing current employees and displaying the workplace.
  • Employ social media.By using several social media platforms to aid in recruiting, you will increase the chances of reaching qualified candidates that would be a good fit at your company. Make sure that you are creating and posting content to the platforms that are relevant, tailored to the platform and appealing.
  • Network online.Though internal referrals from employees are preferred, you can also recruit candidates by utilizing your network to refer potential employees. You can do this by sharing the job listing on professional association websites, networking sites and online forums. It’s also a good idea to ask your employees to share these posts from their own accounts as well.
  • Use pre-employment assessments.Once you have gotten the attention of candidates, it’s important that you take the time to ensure that they are suitable for the position. One of the best ways to do this is by asking them to complete a pre-employment assessment. There are different types of assessments available to test the aspects that are most important for the position and your company. For example, you can use these assessments to gauge an applicant’s cognitive ability, technical skills, personality and problem-solving skills.

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Recruiting FAQs

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions regarding recruiting:

How does a recruiting company work?

Recruitment agencies assist employers during the hiring process by helping them find and hire the best candidates for a vacant position. In order to accomplish this, the agency recruiters research the open role, seek out and screen qualified individuals and then support the employer as they make their selection.

How do you recruit qualified people for your company?

Here are some steps to take during the recruitment process to ensure that you are hiring the best candidates for the job:

  1. Evaluate your company’s culture so that you can assess each candidate’s ability to align with it.
  2. Create a comprehensive job description.
  3. Develop and conduct highly organized interviews.
  4. Test the candidate’s applicable technical skills.
  5. Ask about priorities, goals and interests to see if they fit in with the culture.
  6. Request and contact a candidate’s professional references.
  7. Spend time creating orientation and training programs to improve employee retention and productivity.
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