Social Media Recruiting Tips and Strategies

Social media recruiting (also called social recruiting) is the practice of using social media platforms to share job postings, research talent and network with potential candidates. Given the popularity and continued growth of social media, it’s one of the best ways to get the message out about a new opening, promote your company’s culture and put a friendly face to an organization.

In many ways, recruiting professionals are brand ambassadors—and social media is yet another venue where they can promote a company to an entire talent pool.


Why should you use social media recruiting?

Using social media platforms to engage with potential job candidates has many advantages.

Here are a few benefits of using social media for recruitment:


It supports a two-way conversation

Job seekers can quickly and easily get their questions answered in a comfortable, informal environment.


It allows you to share information with a large pool of potential candidates

Depending on the size of your network and the success of a post, you can reach thousands of job seekers at once. Current employees can also share the post to their own personal networks as a way to refer candidates.


It gives you a glimpse into a potential candidate’s personality

By engaging job seekers in conversation, you can get a feel for their professional background and character before you even set up a phone interview.


It helps foster a connection with your company’s brand

When followers engage with your recruiting profile or your company’s official account, they’ll quickly become more familiar with your organization.


Social Media Recruiting Tips

Here are tips to help you excel in your social media recruiting strategy:



Set up separate accounts for recruiting efforts

Personal social media accounts often contain beliefs, opinions and other information that may not be relevant to a job seeker searching for more information about what it’s like to work at your company. It’s best to create separate, public accounts for your recruiting efforts. Keep these accounts entirely focused on your organization, its people, its culture, its benefits and other information relevant to job seekers.


Link posts back to your company’s official account

When you share a job posting on social media, interested followers will likely want to research the company—especially if they’re hearing of your organization for the first time. By linking back to your company’s official social media account in every post, you’ll help job seekers learn more about the business and grow your organization’s social media following which, in turn, will fuel your recruiting efforts.


Share photos of your office and events

When someone is considering applying for a role with a company, they want to gather as much information as possible about your culture to make sure its a place they’d fit in. Sharing photos of happy hours, team outings, conferences or just daily office life will help potential applicants determine whether they’d mesh with your culture.

Providing a visual representation of the experiences of current employees will help job seekers envision themselves in the role, create excitement and help applicants develop a greater connection with the company.


Make use of hashtags

When you use a hashtag on a post, it’s indexed by the social media network you’re using—which means anyone who searches the hashtag could discover your post. By adding relevant hashtags to posts, you help interested job seekers find your content. For example, if you’re sharing a link to a job posting for a software engineer position, you might include hashtags like #softwareengineer, #engineeringjobs or #techjobs.


Publish regularly

Make a habit of posting multiple times per week. By keeping up a healthy cadence, you show potential job seekers you’re active and ready to engage them in conversation should they have any questions. The more often you post, the more opportunities you have to connect with interested candidates.


Use personality

It’s no secret people respond best to social media posts that are entertaining. Be personable, be friendly, be approachable and—if it fits your brand’s identity—be humorous. When your social media recruiting efforts are human, job seekers will be more likely to connect with you.


Ask followers to share

The more shareable a social media post, the better it will perform. So when posting a link to a new job posting, remind followers they’re more than welcome to share with a friend. Even if someone isn’t interested in an open position, there’s a good chance there’s someone in their network who might be a better fit.


Get other employees to participate in social sharing

Job seekers are interested in posts published from an official company account, but employee posts provide a more honest, relatable peek into what life looks like within your organization. Encourage employees to share photos at events or around the office, and ask them to tag the official company account. Consider re-sharing this content from your recruiting account to provide even more insight into company culture.

Also, ask employees to share links to job postings if they feel there are viable candidates in their networks.


Check messages frequently and respond quickly

When you invite communication via social media, it’s crucial you stay on top of incoming messages. Make it a habit to check messages on each of your social accounts at least once per day. If you receive a message, be sure to respond quickly. As a recruiting professional, you know how important it is to engage potential candidates at just the right moment during their job-seeking process. If you wait too long to get back in touch, they may accept an offer elsewhere.

Social media recruiting is a more modern and convenient method of networking that can help you connect with potential candidates you may have never reached through a more traditional approach. By using these tips, you can build authentic relationships with qualified professionals all across the globe.


Optimize your company’s social media pages for search

Just like other content, social media can be used to improve search engine rankings. Use clear, descriptive language with plenty of keywords. Pay close attention to the image’s alt-text, which should feature a keyword. You can also make use of external inbound links to share your content widely over social media and drive traffic to your website.


Moderate your social media accounts

You want to generate altogether positive conversations on your social media accounts. You can encourage positive language and behaviors through account moderation. There are a few easy ways to moderate, like publishing guidelines for commenters, hiring a community manager to monitor conversations, encouraging staff to participate and giving friendly feedback to commenters rather than deleting posts. Building an active, positive space takes time and effort, but it is definitely worth it.


Monitor social media account metrics

Measuring and analyzing social media account metrics will help you improve your reach. That way, you can connect with as many potential candidates as possible. Consider measuring volume (size of the conversation), reach (spread of the conversation), engagement (how people are participating in the conversation), influence (which people are participating in the conversation) and share of voice (how does the conversation about your company compare to others?).


Focus efforts on relevant niche social media networks

In the social media recruitment world, niche networks can sometimes produce even more, and even better, candidates than the three or four biggest networks can. Some smaller networks can help you reach specific groups of people, like women or those with an interest in technology. Others are built for job seekers, veterans or other groups. Spread out your social media engagement and you could see a major impact on your recruiting.


Engage with interested users in a personalized and human way

Users can tell when they are interacting with a real, caring, honest human and when they’re receiving replies from a bot. You want the face of your company to be as human as possible. This will encourage more people to connect with your social media networks and will build trust in your company.


Share intriguing content, not just job postings

Finally, even though you may be using social media as a tool for recruitment, you want to make sure you share a variety of content on your social media networks, lest users become bored or uninterested. Keep it fun and engaging, and they will come back again and again.


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