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What Is a Call to Action? An Overview

As a business owner, it is important to understand how you can promote customer interaction with your company. A call to action has the potential to help you achieve your business goals. Read further to discover how you can use a call to action effectively within your business.

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What is a call to action (CTA)?

A call to action (CTA) is a marketing tactic that businesses use to encourage potential customers to carry out the buying process.

Benefits of using CTAs in your business

According to SBA.gov, there are manybenefitsto using the right call to action for your business. Here are some examples of potential CTA benefits:

  • Helps you increase your overall sales goals
  • Provides purpose for content
  • Gives potential customers a sense of direction
  • Creates an opportunity for a larger customer base

How to use a CTA effectively

When used correctly, a call to action can provide significant benefits to your company’s success. Here is how to use CTAs effectively and where to use them for maximum impact:

1. In follow-up emails

Emails are a great place to include CTAs. For example, if you want to encourage previous customers to purchase more products from your company, you can include a call to action in the subject and copy of an email newsletter. If you want to encourage new customers to engage with your business, you can use a call to action to get them to sign up for an email list.

2. At the end of web content

If your business uses blog posts, articles, tutorials and other forms of content to increase brand awareness, you can also use the web content you create to persuade your audience to complete a specific task. For this reason, you should place calls to action throughout your content and especially at the end to promote your products or services.

3. On landing pages

Landing pages are SEO web pages that help promote a product, service or company as a whole. For this reason, they are an optimal place to put one or more calls to action. This could help determine whether your audience continues to a product page or your company’s homepage.

4. Across social media platforms

Use your business’s social media platforms to your advantage by including calls to action in your posts. For example, you could promote a product sale by posting a picture with a caption encouraging your audience to take advantage of an amazing deal.

Tips for writing effective CTAs

There are a variety of methods you can use to write an effective call to action. Here are some tips according to WordStream:

  • Make use of commands:Consider words and phrases like "Stop what you’re doing," or "Buy now."
  • Include emotion-provoking words:These could include words like "Wow! "OMG," or "Guess what?"
  • Promote the benefits to the audience:Identifying the benefit the audience has in listening to your call to action could determine whetherthey click the link you provide them.
  • Emphasize FOMO language:FOMO (fear of missing out) can promote a sense of urgency in your audience. Language like "Don’t miss out!", "Hurry!", or "Join thousands of others," promotes this idea.
  • Make use of numbers and punctuation:Numbers and punctuation can help you promote your call to action. Phrases like: "1 in 3 Americans," or "50% now!" provide context.

Types of CTAs and example phrases

Here are some examples of call to action phrases:

Lead generation

The lead generation call to action aims to encourage the audience to learn more about what a company has to offer. This type of CTA is not purposed toward getting the audience to purchase something right away, but instead, aims to bring the audience into its marketing or sales funnel.

Example:"Click here to learn more about how you can become a marketing expert!"

Form signing

If you have an email newsletter or subscription opportunity to engage with your customer-base or encourage sales, a form signing call to action could be a big help. This type of CTA encourages your audience to enter their information to receive things like newsletters, coupons and other exciting offerings.

Example:"Enter your email below to get the inside scope on the latest technology trends"

New product or service available

The new product or service call to action aims to promote a new offer from your company to your customer base. Typically, this type of CTA includes a solution for your audience and promotes a sense of urgency to carry out the buying process.

Example:"Transform your outdoor space with our all-new solar-powered garden fountains. Hurry! Limited inventory available!"

Social sharing

Social sharing calls to action are those that companies use on their social media platforms. These types of CTAs usually include an incentive to those who like, follow or share their content on their social media platforms.

Example:"Share this post on Instagram and tag us for a chance to win 50% off your first purchase!"

Read more

The "read more" call to action encourages your audience to view more information about your company, with the focus on convincing them to carry through with the buying process.

Example:"Read more about the HR solutions we offer by clicking here."

Event promoting

The event-promoting call to action helps spread awareness about a product launch event or company-sponsored event. These types of events can help promote brand awareness and product sales. The call to action should emphasize what the event will do for your audience and provide a step for your audience to complete.

Example:"Make the most of your weekend by attending our cocktails and country music event! Click here to find out how to purchase tickets."

Closing sales

The closing sales call to action aims to help your audience through the last part of the buying process: purchasing your product or service.

Example:"Purchase your Vegan Recipes eBooks today and you’ll get to select a second one for free!"

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