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Indeed Job Posts: How Pricing Works

With Indeed you can post either a free* or Sponsored job listing. Free listings are featured on Indeed Search; they can attract quick attention, but then fall back in search as new jobs are added. Sponsored jobs retain their position for as long as they’re sponsored; they’re visible for a longer time and to more prospective candidates. It’s helpful to understand how this all works to figure out which option is right for you. Let’s take a look.


* Terms, conditions, quality standards and usage limits apply




Free* Job Postings and Sponsored Jobs


Questions to consider when hiring


  • How fast do you need to hire? If you’re trying to make a hire ASAP, sponsoring a job can yield more applicants in less time.
  • How specialized is the role? If you’re trying to hire someone for a hard-to-fill position (e.g. nurses, engineers, and tax professionals) sponsoring will ensure your job post appears for a longer time; that way you can reach more quality and/or niche candidates.
  • Where are you located? If you live in a place where there just isn’t a large pool of industry talent, sponsoring can provide the visibility you need to find a great fit.
  • Are you having a hard time hiring? As a general rule of thumb, if you have a good job description and title, but are still having trouble hiring, sponsoring can help.



Benefits of sponsoring


Sponsoring makes a big difference for employers who are serious about hiring. In fact, our data shows us that employers are 3.5x more likely to make a hire when sponsoring*.
*(Source: Indeed Data, worldwide)


That’s significant, but not so surprising. Sponsored Jobs provide two major benefits:



Better visibility


Sponsored Jobs appear for longer than non-sponsored jobs on the search results… so there’s a better chance that the right person will see and apply for your job.



Instant Match


Sponsoring a job post automatically unlocks Instant Match. Instant Match goes to work for you right away, searching through millions of resumes on Indeed. It pulls up the candidates that fit your job description. You can then invite as many of these candidates as you’d like to apply.


Instant Match represents a more proactive approach to hiring. When you nudge job seekers, even a bit, they’re more likely to apply. Our data shows us that candidates you invite to apply through Instant Match are 3x more likely to apply* to your job than those who only see it in search.
*(Source: Indeed Data, worldwide)


Sponsor job page
Sponsoring your job helps you attract more quality candidates.



How billing works


What you spend is calculated on the number of times a job seeker engages with your job post. When you set a budget, we calculate the total cost. The number we provide is an estimate of your cost based on the amount of time you plan to run your ad.


You can pause, close, or remove your budget at any time. Just click Edit Job in the Employer Dashboard. From there, you have the ability to change your budget, pause your job, or close it. Indeed gives you complete control of your spend.



When your search is complete


Your job will continue to be sponsored on Indeed until you stop it (by removing your budget or changing the status of your job to Paused or Closed ). At that time, we’ll prorate your charge and bill you—at the end of the month— for the actual amount of time it ran. For example, if you pause on the 5th of any given month, you’ll receive your final bill (which will reflect your final balance) on the last day of that month.




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