How to Position Your Company to Get Qualified Applicants

To find the right candidate, you’ll need to promote the benefits of joining your company to job seekers. Don’t be shy about what makes you excited to come to work everyday when writing your job description. Make sure to share your company’s culture and how your colleagues celebrate business milestones.


Here are some more ideas to promote your company to quality applicants.




Talk about snacks, perks, and personalization


Are you that company that hires a bakery to deliver personalized snacks to your employees? Do you take them axe-throwing for team building trips or have weekly happy hours? You’ll definitely want to tell your candidates all about how personalized and fun your office culture is. Not only will candidates get excited about the position, but they’ll start to picture themselves as part of your team.




Promote career development


Do you offer support for career development? Perhaps your company encourages employees to complete training in their area and offers to pay for conferences. Is this position reporting directly to the CEO or a Vice President? Candidates get excited when the position they apply for gives them the opportunity to learn and grow.


Be sure to mention if the career development benefits apply to the specific position or if they’re a part of your company’s general benefits.



Show you understand the importance of their work


When writing  your job description, go a step beyond the typical hard and soft skills desired. A job description that can convey the role of their work and its context within their industry can make a candidate feel valued. This can be true for any industry. When hiring waitstaff for a high-end restaurant, you can express how their work is essential to the restaurant’s success and that integration of the waitstaff and kitchen staff will bring a better dining experience to customers. Feeling that their work will be valued and recognized can have a strong impact on a candidate’s desire to join that company.




Advertise career advancement opportunities


Many candidates will want to know how your company structures career advancement. Is your company growing fast and promoting from within? Does your company clearly outline paths to promotion? If your company has advancement opportunities, be sure to highlight them, so candidates know your company will help their career goals.



Highlight a collaborative office culture


Job seekers want to know if they’ll be able to help in meaningful ways at your company. If you’re looking for self-starters and candidates able to bring their own ideas onboard to improve your business, it’s important to mention that. 


If you offer a collaborative work setting that gives candidates an opportunity to contribute to a variety of projects, include it in your job post. If you want candidates who will roll up their sleeves and contribute their own creativity and passion, make sure to advertise it. 



Mention flexible hours and remote work


Surveys estimate that anywhere from 40% to 70% of workers in the US telecommute at least once a week*. In response, more and more companies are offering flexible hours and remote work as perks. These kinds of benefits let candidates know that your company values work-life balance and will support them in achieving this. Showing that your company will help foster the lifestyle a candidate is seeking could put you at a significant advantage over other companies your top candidates are considering. 


Describe office design or location benefits


Does your office have an enviable location? Is it a flagship store in the center of downtown? Or does it have a beautiful view or are you located near  the most highly rated restaurants, bars, and cafes in town? If so, feel free to brag a bit. Take job seekers on a tour of the surroundings in your description to help them imagine what it would be like to work at your office. 


Whatever it is that makes your company unique, find a way to let candidates know. Salary is often important, but there are so many other factors that candidates may value and you’ll never know what perfect fit might slip by if you don’t take the time to tell your candidates what makes your business culture special. 





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