How to Use Indeed Assessments

We all know a resume isn’t the full picture of a candidate’s skills.


That’s why we developed Indeed Assessments, a tool that can quickly screen your applicants for what matters most at your job — whether that’s a specialized skill like sales or accounting, vital knowledge like medical billing or food safety, or essential traits like showing up reliably and working hard every day. You can add these tests to your job posts with just a few clicks.



Add a skills test to your job


When you post your job on Indeed, the “Customized screening” page will show recommendations from our library based on your job title. This may include specialized skills or general traits. Once you’ve picked which assessments to add to your job, all your candidates will be invited to complete the tests after they apply. 


If you’d like to add assessments to your job after you’ve posted it, you can go to the Jobs tab of your Employer Dashboard and select “Edit job” for that job. Scroll down to the heading “Select Assessment Types” and click on the “Edit” button next to it. From there, you can select tests to send to all of your future candidates for that job.


If you have candidates who have already applied, you can still send them tests individually from the View Candidate page. Just click “More Actions” and then “Send Assessment”, and then pick the tests you’d like to send. 


These skills tests vary in length and complexity based on the topic or industry. Most of our tests take 10 minutes or less to complete.  




Filter candidates based on their scores


When a candidate completes the test, you’ll get an email with their score. You can also see their score in your candidate dashboard. You can filter your dashboard to show only candidates that have completed the tests, as well as their scores. You can then make an informed decision about who to move to the next step of your hiring process.


When you use our skills test to evaluate your candidates, you allow candidates to put their best foot forward. This also removes some subjectivity from your hiring process, making it easier for you to find the best fit. 


Log in now to add Indeed Assessments on your job post or optimize your job post by using screener questions to help find the right fit.





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