Today, almost everyone looks at online reviews before trying something new. It’s an unquestionable part of how we make decisions on everything from where to eat to what to watch — even where to work. 

Online reviews have impacted the world of work, giving both employers and employees alike a line of sight into what companies are doing right — and what they’re doing wrong. Now more than ever, candidates expect transparency and information when applying for a job, with 95% of workers saying insight into a company’s employer reputation would be important.

The power of online reviews and the tight labor market mean it’s crucial for employers to create positive employee experiences to attract candidates and retain employees. So which companies are going above and beyond when it comes to providing terrific employee experiences? 

To identify The Top 50 Top-Rated Workplaces to work for in 2019, our data team looked at our 150 million employer ratings and reviews and analyzed those from companies also featured on this year’s Fortune 500 list.

Computer software giant Adobe leads The Top 50

Which company leads the pack? Our Top-Rated Workplace: The Top 50 is San Jose-based Adobe, the creativity and multimedia software giant. (To see the full Top 50, scroll to the bottom.)

This table features the 10 Top-Rated Workplaces in 2019, with Adobe leading the list.
This table represents the 10 Top-Rated Workplaces in the US, based on ratings and reviews on Indeed in 2019. The top 10 are as follows: 1) Adobe, 2) Facebook, 3) Southwest Airlines, 4) Live Nation, 5) Intuit, 6) Costco Wholesale, 7) Delta, 8) eBay, 9) Microsoft, 10) Johnson & Johnson

Following Adobe, we see a few familiar names: social media giant Facebook and Southwest Airlines rank second and third, respectively, with Facebook placing in the top five for the third year running and Southwest Airlines placing in the top five for the fourth year in a row. 

In addition to Southwest Airlines, we also see airlines Delta (#7) and JetBlue Airways (#15) on The Top 50 list for the fourth consecutive year. Delta was recently named the best U.S. airline by travel expert Fodor’s for its global reach and for being the most punctual of all of America’s major airlines. And low-cost carrier JetBlue Airways recently announced its longest route yet: a 6.5 hour flight from New York City to Guayaquil, Ecuador. 

There’s a still greater diversity of sectors represented in the top 10. In addition to tech companies like Adobe, Facebook, Intuit (#5) and Microsoft (#9), we also see live entertainment company Live Nation (#4), warehouse club chain Costco Wholesale (#6 — and the winner of our Top-Rated Workplaces for Compensation and Benefits), ecommerce site eBay  (#8) and pharmaceutical company Johnson and Johnson (#10).

We also see a few newcomers, such as Land O’ Lakes (#29), a member-owned agricultural co-op focused on the dairy industry and one of the largest producers of butter and cheese in the United States. Orlando-based restaurant operator Darden Restaurants (#44) is also on the list for the first time — the firm owns restaurant chains across North America, such as Eddie V’s Prime Seafood, Olive Garden and Longhorn Steakhouse. 

What do 2019’s Top-Rated Workplaces share? 

So what do all these different companies have in common? One recurring theme this year among employee reviews seems to be the importance of an enjoyable work environment — whether that environment is fun, supportive, true to its company values or all of the above. 

In fact, a positive work environment leads to more engaged workers, and more engaged workers create a 20% increase in productivity and are 90% more likely to stay with their current companies. 

An enjoyable work environment ladders up to the bigger theme of employee experience, which encapsulates everything an employee feels over the course of their journey at a company. Consistently good employee experiences will lead to highly engaged candidates and an exceptional company culture, which are attributes these Top-Rated Workplaces share. 

Now let’s take a deeper dive into what the top five top-rated workplaces are doing right: 

The Top-Rated: What they’re doing right

1. Adobe

Founded: 1982

HQ: San Jose, CA

The computer software giant is best known for changing the world of digital design through its multimedia and creativity software products, like Photoshop and Creative Cloud. 

Adobe also seems to be providing a stellar employee experience for its employees. One reviewer declared Adobe “one of the best places to work,” going on to say that Adobe “truly lives up to its values of Genuine, Exceptional, Innovative and Involved.” The reviewer praised the “talented, smart, driven and kind” people and the “supportive, inclusive and engaged” culture. In addition, “The leadership is insightful, forward-looking and has successfully guided the company through its largest transformation in history, reaching all-time record profits and revenue.”

Another employee believes that although Adobe has been around for 30+ years, it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. “They continue to reinvent themselves to stay relevant and ahead of the curve,” says the reviewer. “They are an amazing company with great people, great work-life balance, and a fantastic culture.”

2. Facebook

Founded: 2004

HQ: Menlo Park, CA

Since its inception in a Harvard University dorm room in 2004, the social networking giant has continued to shape the way we interact and share information. The company seems to have just as much of an impact on their employees, with Facebook being consistently ranked in lists of top places to work. 

“Getting hired at Facebook has been the highlight of my career,” says one employee, who values the care Facebook shows its employees, as well as the company’s clear mission and fun culture. “I feel very blessed to be doing the type of work I enjoy at a place that has a global impact and is a household name.”

Another highlighted the “great atmosphere and credible training experience” and the “open communication of expectations,” adding that there’s always enough to learn and many opportunities for advancement. 

And while Facebook employees work hard, they find a good balance by also playing hard. “Company sponsored events are always over the top and a great way to get to spend time with your team outside of the office,” says an employee. 

3. Southwest Airlines

Founded: 1967

HQ: Dallas, TX

This Texas-based airline is the world's largest low-cost carrier and ranked number 11 on Fortune’s “World’s Most Admired Companies” list for 2019.

This admiration is shared by its employees — one praised Southwest Airlines for being “a wonderful company that treats their employees just as wonderful[ly] as their external customers.” 

Multiple reviewers also mentioned the flexible work schedule, many benefits (including free travel) and caring, supportive environment. 

Another employee summed up their experience at Southwest Airlines, saying the training is  thorough so you’re well prepared for the position you are training for, the pay is competitive (“one of the best in the airline industry”) and no matter what you’re going through, the company will be supportive of you. Most of all, the reviewer says, “You will have fun.”

4. Live Nation

Founded: 2005

HQ: Beverly Hills, CA

Live Nation works with musical artists to produce over 100 festivals and 30,000 shows each year, including music festivals such as Bonnaroo, Austin City Limits and Lollapalooza. 

Live Nation’s employees enjoy the opportunity of working at this Beverly Hills-based live entertainment company, with one saying the opportunity to learn in such an environment was extremely beneficial to their career. The reviewer also praised management for making everyone feel comfortable asking questions and making mistakes. Another reviewer agrees, saying the work environment “made me never want to leave.”

For another employee, working at Live Nation means “you are working with and learning from the best of the best” and said the exposure you get to amazing people within the industry is a very unique opportunity. 

5. Intuit

Founded: 1983

HQ: Mountain View, CA

Financial software company Intuit is best known for its accounting and tax-preparation services and has also ranked in the top 25 in Fortune’s “100 Best Companies for Diversity” in 2019.

Intuit employees rave about working here, with one reviewer saying the “work-life balance is great” in addition to “the pay and support.” This employee adds, “I feel very fortunate to have called Intuit my home for many years. They truly walk the walk. Company values stand true on a daily basis.”

Intuit’s work environment is fast-paced and challenging, with the entire company focused on “delivering awesome” for their customers, according to another employee. This reviewer enjoys that the work environment is diverse and that “the company foster[s] a continuous growth mind-set.” Another raved about the offerings — “great benefits, charitable work opportunities, snacks, celebrations” — as well as the design-centric, customer-focused and innovative nature of the company. 

Bottom line? “If you can get a job there, go for it.”

This table features the 50 Top-Rated Workplaces in 2019.
This table represents the 50 Top-Rated Workplaces based on user ratings and reviews on Indeed in 2019:
1) Adobe
, 2) Facebook, 3) Southwest Airlines, 4) Live Nation, 5) Intuit, 6) Costco Wholesale, 7) Delta, 8) eBay, 9) Microsoft, 10) Johnson & Johnson, 11) Bristol-Myers Squibb, 12) Salesforce, 13) Fannie Mae, 14) Eli Lilly, 15) JetBlue Airways, 16) Freeport-McMoRan, 17) Fluor Corp., 18) Apple, 19) Cisco, 20) Capital One, 21) Nike, 22) Amgen, 23) Booz Allen, 24) Charles Schwab, 25) Viacom, 26) Southern Company, 27) NextEra Energy, 28) Publix, 29) Land O’Lakes, 30) Motorola Solutions, 31) Pfizer, 32) Lockheed Martin, 33) Starbucks, 34) Merck, 35) ConocoPhillips, 36) American Express, 37) Applied Materials, 38) DTE Energy, 39) Best Buy, 40) Boston Scientific, 41) Northrop Grumman, 42) Discover Financial Services, 43) BlackRock, 44) Darden Restaurants, 45) MGM Resorts International, 46) Hilton, 47) Edward Jones, 48) Marriott International, 49) Foot Locker, 50) United Airlines


Indeed has over 150 million ratings and reviews. Indeed compiled this list by including companies that are members of the Fortune 500 Index with at least 100 reviews between June 2017 and June 2019. These companies are the most highly rated on overall employee experience.