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Applicant Tracking Systems for Growing Businesses

Applicant Tracking Systems (ATSs) are an important part of the recruitment process for most large companies. There are many different ATS solutions available, but the main functions are similar: organizing, tracking and communicating with applicants.

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Key features of an Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

  • Integration with an employer’s application submission process.
  • Mechanisms to filter, sort and organize candidate applications.
  • Communication tools to manage and track interactions with job seekers.
  • Tools to create and manage employer-branded career sites to promote jobs more widely.

Most large enterprises invest in ATS platforms because of the volume of hiring they do and the resulting volume of applications they receive. Without the use of ATS technology, hiring at this scale would be difficult to do well. But companies of all sizes benefit from tools to manage the results of their recruitment efforts.

Indeed’s Free Candidate Management Features*

Employers get access to free candidate management features when they post their open positions. All of these tools are available from a simple dashboard, from which users can:

Get a comprehensive view of the hiring campaign

The Overview tab in the dashboard provides a view of open, paused and closed jobs as well as how many people have applied to each position. From this tab, you can see how many people you’ve phone screened, how many you’ve interviewed and how many you’ve made offers to. Other stakeholders in your company can also leave feedback on candidates, and their input is shown on this page.

Manage jobs

The Jobs tab on the Employer dashboard displays a list of all jobs currently available at your company, and shows how many people have clicked on and applied to each job. If you’ve chosen to sponsor any of your jobs for enhanced visibility, the budget you’ve set will be specified here.

Evaluate candidates

From the Candidates tab of your dashboard, you can preview applicants to your jobs at a glance or click on a name for a detailed look at an applicant’s qualifications and expertise. You can also forward resumes to other hiring stakeholders for feedback. Make notes about candidates or star them for later review. Change the candidate status to indicate whether an applicant has been screened, interviewed, rejected, then filter to view all of the candidates at any stage of your process.

Communicate with candidates

Use the dashboard to send emails, schedule interviews and create a record of your communication with applicants. Create separate login credentials for other hiring stakeholders at your company to collaborate and share impressions of applicants.

Track recruitment progress

To get a detailed understanding of how your job posting is performing, you can generate a performance report from this dashboard. The report shows how many views, clicks and applies your job is receiving. These clues can help you create more insightful, keyword-rich job descriptions that get your post into more — and more relevant — search results.

Extend recruitment reach with a branded career site

From your employer dashboard, launch a branded Career Page, complete with your logo, all open jobs on Indeed and your choice of color themes. Your Career Page has a unique URL that can be integrated into your website and shared through marketing campaigns, email signatures, on social media and elsewhere. Every edit to any of your jobs is automatically reflected on your Career Page.

Need more features? Check out Indeed’s trusted ATS partners

*Free job posting does not apply to job sites, all staffing agencies or certain other types of jobs at Indeed’s discretion. Terms, conditions, quality standards and usage limits apply.

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