Celebrating Success in The Workplace: Tactics for Managers

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Employees feel appreciated when they’re recognized for their hard work and achievements. Recognition plays a large part in employee satisfaction and employers who celebrate wins can improve morale, strengthen teamwork and make work a much happier place. This article gives some tips on how to celebrate your employees’ success.


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Why it’s important to celebrate success

Understandably, productivity is a top priority for most businesses and individuals. It’s typical for many people to accomplish a goal and then move on to the next. This approach can work in the short term but can eventually lead to burn out, dissatisfaction and lack of motivation if not checked. Even success can be uninspiring when it’s not acknowledged.
To keep high performing teams and employees engaged, businesses should consider recognition a priority. A great way to show appreciation is to celebrate a job well done. Celebrations boost morale, strengthen teams, help employees form connections and increase employee engagement. Some reasons to celebrate are:

  • A successful quarter
  • Completion of projects
  • Work anniversaries
  • Achievement of goals such as sales quotas
  • Higher ratings from customers

The reasons vary widely, depending on your company, but both big and small wins let employees know their work is valued. We all have an inner joy at the sense of achievement, and to share that with your team members bonds the group and benefits everyone.

Three ways to celebrate employees today

Small wins are often and Here are three ways you can celebrate success at your company:

  1. Reward reliability
  2. Praise the small things
  3. Express gratitude


1. Reward reliability

There’s usually a team member who’s relied upon more heavily than others. For example, they may be your first choice for complicated tasks, or step up to handle the unexpected task. Often, while valued, these team members can be overlooked or taken for granted because reliability rarely calls attention to itself.
Take time to acknowledge this person today. Tell them in detail all of the great things they bring to your company. Express to them that because their job is so well done, it makes your job easier. This can take less than 10 minutes, but the impression can last for a long time.

2. Praise the small things

Praise a team member for the small things they do every day. Maybe one of your employees is extremely helpful and people often ask them for help with seemingly minor things around the office. The reality is that while these kinds of actions may not seem critical to your company’s performance, they help your employees get their jobs done, which is essential. Take the time to show appreciation for this person today.

3. Express gratitude

Take your team to lunch or arrange for breakfast to be brought in. This puts you, as the manager, in a positive mindset that fosters better interactions. Showing gratitude is a simple and easy way to ensure your team knows how much you appreciate the work they do. Saying thank you is one of the quickest and easiest ways to maintain a positive work environment.

Next steps for celebrating success on your team

Celebrations do not need to be extravagant to be effective. Here are some easy and inexpensive ways to acknowledge your team:

  • Take a hard-working employee out to lunch.
  • Cater lunch for the office.
  • Hand out gift cards for a local coffee or tea shop.
  • Print out unique awards for each team member and schedule an awards ceremony.
  • Offer a special PTO day as an award or recognition.
  • Send a handwritten note to an employee detailing how you appreciate them.
  • Give movie tickets.
  • Take the entire team out for dinner.

It’s important to define just what success is for each employee as well. A new employee who has just finished their first week will appreciate a Friday pizza lunch. This can help them feel welcome and foster their bonding with the team.
Ask a senior member or CEO of the company to send an email to employees thanking them for the great work they do and acknowledging their contribution as part of the company’s success. Acknowledgement builds bonds and strengthens the overall performance and morale of the team.

Celebrating success FAQ


How does celebrating success benefit the company?

When employees feel appreciated they tend to perform better. Creating an environment in the workplace that practices recognition and rewards good employees and improves morale. When employees are happy, they perform better, and even attendance improves. Humans naturally respond well to praise and acknowledgment. It can inspire people to keep up the good work they have been doing, and it gives them a sense of belonging to the company.

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