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How to Find Administrative and Business Operations Candidates With Boolean Search

If you’re hiring in the administrative and business operations industry, you can use Boolean search logic on Indeed Smart Sourcing to proactively search and filter for resumes of quality candidates. Use this Boolean search cheat sheet to build your own commands and find administrative candidates with the skills, experience and education you need.

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How Boolean search works

Boolean search is a search engine tool that can make the recruiting and hiring process more efficient. The technique helps identify candidates with specific skills and experience relevant to the position you’re filling. By combining keywords with the Boolean operative words AND, OR and NOT, you can highlight resumes with the qualifications you’re looking for.

Using AND will tell the search engine to search for resumes containing both keywords you enter, while OR will present results with one or the other. The operative word NOT will exclude results containing an unwanted keyword. Some symbols can also be used to create more complex search strings. Parentheses connect multiple keywords, while quotation marks indicate that a term consists of multiple words.

Boolean search strings for administrative candidates may look like this:

  • (administrative OR office) AND assistant: This search will show you resumes for candidates who list experience as administrative assistants or office assistants on their resumes.
  • “director of operations” AND manufacturing: A search like this will show results for operations directors who may specialize in manufacturing.
  • “operations analyst” AND strategic NOT engineering: This search will present operations analysts who may specialize in strategy and exclude those who specialize in engineering.

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How to search for administrative candidates by location

You can use Boolean searches to find candidates located in a specific city, state, country or metro area. Adding the location’s name to your search string will identify resumes that contain the keyword. Just be mindful that it will also show you candidates who previously lived or worked in the location. You can filter these out by adding the words “lives in” to your search, though this may exclude relevant results that don’t contain the exact phrase.

Here are some examples of location-based search strings for administrative candidates:

  • “executive assistant” AND (“New York City” OR NYC): This string will present candidates in executive assistant roles who may be located in New York City.
  • “personal assistant” AND (Glendale OR Anaheim NOT “Los Angeles”): A search like this will show you operations engineers in Glendale or Anaheim but exclude those in Los Angeles.
  • receptionist AND (“San Francisco” OR “Bay Area”): With this search, you’ll find receptionist candidates who may currently live or work in or around San Francisco.

How to search for administrative candidates by skills and experience

Administrative candidates can be filtered by skills and experience using Boolean search. In business operations, relevant skills can include communication and leadership or specializations like engineering and transportation.

Be as specific as possible when crafting skills-based search strings. The operative term “skill:” will target the skills section of a candidate’s resume to search for relevant qualifications. Some examples of skills-based searches for finding administrative candidates include:

  • “administrative assistant” AND skill: (“time management” OR organization): This will present administrative assistants who may be particularly good at managing their time or staying organized.
  • (“administrative director” OR “administrative coordinator”) AND skill: management OR manager: Administrative directors and coordinators who list management as a skill on their resume will be identified with this search.
  • “operations manager” AND skill: (communication AND problem-solving): This search string will show you operations managers who list skills in both communication and problem-solving on their resumes.

How to search for administrative candidates by education

Boolean search also helps you find administrative candidates based on specific educational qualifications. You can filter resumes based on degrees or certifications. However, consider only including education-based Boolean search criteria if it’s absolutely necessary for the role.

Educational fields can be added to the search string on their own or attached to an operative phrase. The field “fieldofstudy:” can narrow your search to specific areas of a candidate’s resume. Some examples of education-based searches for administrative candidates include:

  • “high school diploma” OR “GED”
  • “operations engineer” AND fieldofstudy: “information technology”
  • (“senior executive assistant” OR “sr executive assistant”) AND fieldofstudy: “business administration”

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How to combine search criteria

Once you’re comfortable searching for specific qualifications using Boolean search, you can start creating more complex search strings to find administrative candidates. Combining specific locations, skills and educational backgrounds can help you narrow your search even further to find candidates who may be right for the role.

As you construct complex search strings, make sure you enter each field accurately—typos can eliminate relevant results or highlight resumes that don’t meet your criteria. Examples of complex administrative searches include:

  • (“admin assistant” OR “administrative assistant”) AND skill: (Excel OR “Microsoft Excel”) AND “Salt Lake City”: A search like this will present candidates with administrative assistance experience with Excel skills and may be located in Salt Lake City.
  • (“receptionist” OR “front desk”) AND skill: “Microsoft Office Suite” AND (“New York City” OR “NYC”): This string will show you receptionists and front desk clerks with knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite who may be located in New York City.
  • “office manager” AND skill: (“calendar management” AND “customer service”) AND (“New Jersey” OR Pennsylvania NOT New York): This search will show you office managers with a background in calendar management and customer service who may be available to work in New Jersey or Pennsylvania. It also excludes candidates in New York.

Get started with Boolean search on Indeed

Boolean search can be a useful tool for finding administrative candidates. Using keywords to find resumes with specific educational, skill and location qualifications can narrow your search and make the hiring process more efficient overall. Try using a Boolean search string to find administrative candidates who are right for your role.

Start your Boolean search for administrative candidates with Indeed Smart Sourcing’s 14-day free trial. Our advanced search filters and support for Boolean search means you can quickly narrow in on the right candidates from our pool of 245M resumes.Not only that but Indeed’s matching engine learns from your resume searches and candidate activity on Indeed to deliver quality matches.

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