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Our Mission

Indeed’s Employer Resource Library helps businesses of all types grow and manage their workforce. The Employer Resource Library was launched in 2020 to support hiring managers, HR professionals and business owners wherever they might be in the hiring process. We’re currently available around the globe on 11 international sites with over 10,000 articles across 6 languages.

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Who is the Employer Resource Library for?

Whether you’re looking for tools to write your next job description, employee performance strategies or how to scale your business, we’re here to help you and your employees reach their full potential. Regardless of your company’s size or industry, we provide actionable advice and insights backed by data and research from the World’s #1 job site1, Indeed.

We provide articles in the following areas:

The Recruiting Process

From writing the perfect job description to recruiting the ideal candidate in unexpected places, increase your odds of finding skilled talent.

The Hiring Process

Advice, tips and templates to help you build winning teams — from candidate screening to new hire onboarding.

Workforce Management

Keep up with the changing workforce, whether writing your first handbook, pushing your team to go further or just putting together an office party.

Managing your Business

How to run a successful business, from business 101 to managing your finances to marketing strategies and everything in between.

Using Indeed

Learn about how to best use our hiring and matching platform to reach and hire quality candidates.

Who we are

Our team comprises industry experts who research top areas of interest by employers. Along with review and editing from Talent Acquisition and hiring experts at Indeed, we use Indeed’s proprietary data, research from the economists at the Indeed Hiring Lab, as well as publicly available research.

We use our data to not only inform our content, but to select which topics, industries and job titles for which we create content. We’re a global team with Employer Resource Libraries in the following markets:

United States
United States (Spanish)
Canada (English)
Canada (French)
United Kingdom

Editorial guidelines

Hiring is more than a job posting. Indeed supports businesses at all times, so the Employer Resource Library covers the entire employee lifecycle. Whether you’re gearing up to hire your first employee or retain workers across a large company, we create content to answer your biggest questions—including the ones you don’t know yet to ask.


Our team updates articles for accuracy or to add additional content or more recent data. When we update older articles with newer information, we note when the article was updated. Older content may be removed or redirected to newer articles when it’s no longer relevant or accurate.

Advertising and contributor policy

The Indeed Employer Resource Library does not engage in affiliate marketing. If a company or individual is mentioned in an article, we’ve included it to educate readers on that specific topic. It is not an endorsement.

If you are a subject matter expert and would like to share your insights with our audience, please send us an email at resource-library@indeed.com to see our guidelines for guest contributions.

Submit a correction

We strive for accuracy in our content. If you have any feedback or questions on any of our articles, videos or tools in our resource library, please contact us at resource-library@indeed.com. For other inquiries about Indeed, please visit our Help Center.

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Indeed provides this information as a courtesy to users of this site. Please note that we are not your recruiting or legal advisor, we are not responsible for the content of your job descriptions, and none of the information provided herein guarantees performance.