How to Collaborate with Colleagues on Recruitment

If your hiring activities require the input of multiple people in your company, Indeed provides tools to help you collaborate and share input on candidates. Here are some ways to involve other hiring stakeholders in your recruitment:


Connect Users to an Employer Account and Manage Permissions

By connecting users to your accounts, you’re giving other stakeholders in your company to access your employer dashboard with their own login credentials. Invite others at your company to participate by clicking on the profile icon in the top righthand corner of the Employer Dashboard and choosing to Manage Access from the dropdown menu. Then provide the email addresses of users you wish to add and set their access level. When they accept your invitation, they will be able to create their own Indeed login.



Candidate Notes

The dashboard is a great place to record your impressions of applicants as you consider candidates. Simply starring a candidate as you scroll through new applicants indicates that a candidate is worth more careful consideration. Candidate notes can be made and viewed by colleagues with linked accounts and are a great way to compare feedback on the strengths of the resumes your position attracts.


Forwarding Resumes

It is also possible to share interesting resumes with stakeholders. Click “forward resume” and enter a recipient email to send an applicant’s resume to anyone whose feedback you require.

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