It's fast and easy to find your next hire through Indeed Smart Sourcing, and Indeed Smart Sourcing is also precise. Whether you want to use the advanced search page or create advanced search queries on the fly, here’s how to find exactly who you’re looking for.

Get specific with search operators

Say you want to hire a Program Manager with a degree from Stanford who has worked at Cisco. Using search operators, you can quickly find the right candidates.

Let’s start with the title: operator. Type title:”Program Manager” into the “What” box. This returns people with the current job title of Program Manager. If you want people who have been a Program Manager at any point in their careers, use anytitle:”Program Manager” instead. Note that search terms with more than one word must be enclosed in quotes, like “Program Manager”.

Then, use the anycompany: operator to find people who have ever worked at Cisco. Add anycompany:Cisco to the search. Just like title:, using company:Cisco instead will return only people who currently work at Cisco.

Finally, let’s filter to only those people who went to Stanford. Add school:Stanford.

Leaving us with the complete query: title:”Program Manager” anycompany:Cisco school:Stanford. Exactly who you were looking for.

You can also use these operators from the advanced search page.

Use Boolean operators to refine your search

But what if you are looking for someone who has been a Program Manager or a Product Manager? With Boolean operators, in particular the OR operator, you can find these resumes in one search. Try it: anytitle:(“Program Manager” OR “Product Manager”).

Or maybe you want someone who has worked as both a Program Manager and a Product Manager? In that case, use the AND operator: anytitle:(“Program Manager” AND “Product Manager”).

And if you want a Program Manager who isn’t currently working as a Product Manager? Add a minus sign before any operator to exclude the matching resumes from your results: -title:”Product Manager” anytitle:”Program Manager”.

Again, these same searches can be done from the advanced search page.

Who is your ideal candidate? Take what you’ve learned and find them on Indeed Smart Sourcing.