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10 Healthcare Job Boards for Employers

The healthcare industry in the United States makes up 18.3% of the entire GDP, making it a competitive industry to hire in. Using a healthcare job board could be a great way to focus your hiring efforts on candidates who have the right education, skills and experience for your position.

Which job boards should you focus on when hiring roles like nurses, doctors, medical receptionists and more? While it’s true that niche job boards can help you filter candidates more effectively, you could be reducing the size of your applicant pool if you don’t choose the right one.

Crafting the perfect job listing only goes so far. If candidates don’t see your listing, you may find it challenging to make the right hire. This guide goes over 10 healthcare job boards so you know where you can launch your search to fill your open role(s).

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10 healthcare job boards


DoctorCPR is a healthcare job board founded by doctors for doctors. It allows employers to post listings for doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals.The educational resources DoctorCPR offers may be valuable to your organization because the website is designed to help aspiring healthcare workers pursue their goals and improve their abilities.


HospitalRecruiting.com caters to large healthcare networks looking for talent, from doctors and nurses to auxiliary staff and executives. If you have a position to fill within a hospital or urgent care facility, this website may be able to help.

Health eCareers Network

The Health eCareers Network has been around almost as long as the internet. It was founded in 1993 and is owned by an online health journal. This healthcare job board may be able to help you find physicians, surgeons, PAs and nurses.

Hospital Jobs Online

Hospital Jobs Online has been around since 1997 and allows you to post job listings for any healthcare position. It also offers career resources for potential applicants. If you’re looking to post a job listing, you can choose from free or paid options.Pharmaceutical companies can also post listings on the platform.


More than a job board, Indeed is a matching and hiring platform that offers a wide range of hiring tools, from job posting to job offer. Indeed gets over 300 million global monthly Unique Visitors.¹ In fact, over 80% of US online job seekers visit Indeed or Glassdoor.² This results in 23 hires made on Indeed every minute.³

Indeed offers free and paid listing options, so you’re able to look for new talent regardless of your recruiting budget. While it’s not entirely focused on healthcare workers, its massive reach means you’re likely to find plenty of doctors, nurses, administrators and other healthcare talent who are looking for work. For example, according to Indeed’s Hiring Insights (log in to access) there were 1,363,156 job seekers on Indeed who clicked on Registered Nurse jobs in May 2023. There were also 3,635,992 job seekers who clicked on healthcare administration jobs on Indeed in that same month.

Before posting your job, you can use Indeed’s Hiring Insights to see how many people are looking for similar roles in your area, top job seeker search terms by clicks, the number of resumes available on Indeed for your specific job title and more. This and other recruiting metrics can help you increase the effectiveness of your listings.Check out more of Indeed’s hiring features.

Elite Learning

Elite Learning is a website that helps people who want to pursue a career in healthcare. In addition to providing educational resources for potential talent, Elite Learning connects aspiring candidates with employers looking to fill open healthcare roles.


Nurse.com is one of the oldest healthcare job boards online. It was founded in 1990 and connects registered nurses with potential employers. Nurse.com offers many educational resources to help nurses advance in their careers as well.

Hospital Jobs Inc.

Hospital Jobs Inc. is a global healthcare job site that allows you to post any healthcare-related job listing. It provides employers with important data, such as the average salary for the roles they’re looking to fill, which healthcare networks operate in their region and the overall demand for each position.

EHS Careers

EHS Careers is a job board for employers in the healthcare, occupational health and safety sectors. This job site has a strong focus on environmental and occupational health & safety roles, but employers can also hire healthcare professionals. Potential healthcare roles on EHS Careers include occupational health physicians, nurses and EMTs.

Global Medical Careers

As the name indicates, Global Medical Careers is an international healthcare job board meant to help healthcare professionals find a job anywhere in the world. If you’re looking to expand your search beyond your immediate area, you could find a potential new hire who’s willing to relocate for your opportunity.Global Medical Careers is only available in English.

Healthcare job board FAQs

Are there any healthcare job boards that I can use for free?

Some healthcare job boards have free and paid tiers. Indeed is an example of a job board and matching and hiring platform that allows you to post listings with a free account or pay to improve visibility in job seeker search results.

What are the top four healthcare jobs by demand?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the healthcare positions in greatest demand currently are nurse practitioner, physical therapist assistant, medical and health services manager and medical assistant.

How do healthcare job boards make money?

There are many ways healthcare job boards can make money, but the most common is through membership or listing fees. Advertising is a way free sites can make money without charging you to post your job.

¹Indeed Internal Data, average monthly Unique Visitors April – September 2022

²Comscore, Unique Visitors, May 2021. Job seeker cross-visit rate set at 3X non-job seeker rate

³Indeed data, 2022 average

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