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We’re Hiring: 17 Ways to Say You’re Looking for Employees

Are you hiring? Your recruiting methods are important and necessary for attracting candidates that fit well within your corporate culture. Selecting the appropriate way to say “we’re hiring” is essential to successful recruitment and hiring. Here are some ways to attract job seekers to fill positions at your company.

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5 standard ways to say “we’re hiring”

They might not be new or exciting, but common ways to advertise your job openings are still effective. Here are some standard ways for your business to say “we’re hiring”:

Post job ads in online job forums

Online job forums are becoming a popular way for job seekers to scroll through multiple job openings. Users often repost job opportunities and share them on a variety of other social media platforms. One job ad in a forum can reach many candidates and increase the number of applications you receive.

Use an employee referral system

Tap into the expertise of your employees to find candidates who have the skills you need and can add to the company culture. Employers who provide incentives with an employee referral program can maximize the number of candidates they have by word of mouth.

Email past candidates

A previous applicant might not have been the best match for the job they applied for, but they could be a solid option for your new opening. Review previous candidates to see they have the qualifications you need. Send an email to gauge interest in interviewing for the current position. Using an applicant tracking system makes it easier to keep files on past applicants.

Set up a job fair booth

Many companies host or attend job fairs to find potential employees. This allows you to network with many candidates in one place. You can also conduct short informational interviews with interested candidates as a screening tool at the job fair.

Post a help wanted sign in your business window

Posting a help wanted sign is a timeless way to say you’re looking for employees. Some companies still offer applicants the chance to apply within, or they may refer them to the online application.

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12 off-the-wall ways to say “we’re hiring”

Creative and unexpected recruiting methods can attract exceptional candidates. These options can be funny, clever, visual, informative and attention-grabbing. Here are 12 interesting off-the-wall ways to say “we’re hiring”:

Humorous magazine ads

Humorous magazine ads give job seekers a glimpse of your company’s personality and let them know it’s a fun work environment. For example, a marketing business may place a black and white ad with little design and state, “We need a graphic designer. Obviously.” It’s quirky, and it inspires qualified graphic designers to think about how they could help the company. This type of ad can make applicants more excited to apply than a standard job ad.


An infographic is a creative way to present lots of information in an easy-to-consume format. Create an infographic that explains the benefits of working with your company and requirements for candidates. Infographics can replace or enhance traditional job descriptions.

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Hiring advertisements on city billboards

Hiring advertisements on city billboards may be seen by thousands or millions of people on their commute. The positioning might motivate people to apply if they spend their commute dreading their job or frustrated over what happened at work that day.

Advertising on social media websites

Social media is a common way for people to connect, so using social media recruiting makes sense when you’re looking to hire. Advertise your position by posting on your business’s social media pages, or purchase an ad through the social media platform. You can customize the ad’s reach to your ideal candidate demographic.

Online chats

Online chats on professional websites are a good way to tell candidates you’re hiring. Send job descriptions and postings to your network and ask them to refer individuals who may be qualified for the position.

Open houses

Offer potential employees a tour of your business to help them decide if they want to work with your company. It’s a way to meet candidates in a relaxed setting. You can discuss your requirements, and they can discuss their qualifications before a formal interview.

Go online

Recruiters and hiring managers sometimes use search engines to find potential candidates. Your hiring representatives can direct message them about open positions and gauge their interest.

Hiring ads on shopping bags

If you have a retail location, you’re handing out shopping bags to your customers anyway. Why not add a “we are hiring” message on them? This method targets local people who already buy from your business, so they might be a good match to work there, too.

Ads on a city bus

Take advantage of your city’s thriving public transportation system by advertising for employees there. This option can expand your reach since buses travel throughout the city all day. Unlike a billboard, which only reaches people in one location, a bus advertisement can cover miles per day and get in front of more people.


Produce a commercial to highlight your available positions. You can run it on local TV stations or radio stations. An online recruiting video that shows your company’s personality can also attract candidates that fit well.


Some companies research top candidates in the field and approach them to apply and interview. You might send a gift, such as chocolates or a product you make, with an invitation to interview. If you’re hiring a large number of people for a certain position, such as call center representatives, you might offer a small gift to everyone you interview.

Inbound hiring

With inbound recruiting, you take a marketing-type approach to create interest and draw in candidates. Content creation related to working for your company, such as careers blog posts, is an example. Posting behind-the-scenes or employee profiles on social media accounts to show off the perks of working for your company is another example.

The craziest way we’ve found to say “we’re hiring”

The craziest way to say “we are hiring” is by offering unlimited vacation time in a hiring ad. It’s an appealing offer that sets you apart from most other companies. There are stipulations to unlimited vacation time policies, of course. For example, employees must complete their projects before taking vacations. Companies that offer unlimited vacation time may find that employees take less vacation time than employees with standard vacation time.

Frequently asked questions about hiring

Here are some frequently asked questions about hiring:

Why is attracting the right candidates important?

Efficient recruiting helps your company save time and money. The sooner you find good candidates for your company, the sooner you can have a more productive business and reduce recruitment costs and marketing efforts.

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How long does the hiring process take?

The average time to fill a position is 36 days, according to the Society for Human Resource Management. The length of the hiring process can vary significantly by industry. For example, health care often has a longer hiring process than other industries. Specialized positions with extensive education or licensing requirements might take longer than an unskilled entry-level position.

How do you make a “we are hiring” post?

Keep your post short and simple yet clear on your hiring needs. Include the title and location so someone who’s looking for hire opportunities can determine quickly if it’s a match. Include some perks that catch the attention of job seekers, and end with a call to action on how to apply. That might include an email address to send a resume or a link to your online application.

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