How to Post a Job on Indeed - Post a Job on Indeed in a Few Easy Steps

How to Post a Job on Indeed

Posting a job on Indeed is simple. When you’re ready, we’ll help you create your post by asking you simple, step-by-step questions. The info you provide for each question will add up to a comprehensive job post that helps you reach great candidates. Then you can focus on what matters most: making connections.


With your job description in hand, posting a job typically takes less than 10 minutes. If you want some help writing your job description, check out How to Write Great Job Titles and Job Descriptions for Jobs on Indeed.


Ready to get started? Here’s a quick step-by-step overview:



Step 1: Click the Post a Job button to get started


You can start your first job post by clicking the button at, or by clicking here.


If you’ve already posted a job before, you can always click the Post a Job button in your Employer Dashboard.



Step 2: Enter your job details


Next you’ll be prompted to add in some basics that job seekers are looking for. You might be tempted to skip certain job details, but you may reach great candidates by providing more info about the job.

Did you know that job seekers typically look for jobs during breaks at work or after they get home? We’ve found that job seekers quickly scan job posts to see whether or not they’re a fit. When you provide all the info a job seeker needs, you can have a better chance of capturing the right person’s attention.


Some of the most important info to include is:

  • Pay range
  • Benefits
  • Shift details
  • Location
  • Required qualifications
  • Type of job: Full-time or part-time



Step 3: Add your job description


Need help writing your job description? Get started with our job templates as a foundation for a job post of your own. We have tons of job templates to choose from so you never have to start from scratch


Once your job description is ready, we’ll prompt you to add it to the job description section when you post your job.


We’ve done a lot of research and found that these qualities make a job description more successful:

  • Starts with required qualifications
  • Has small, easy-to-read paragraphs (not big blocks of text)
  • Uses bullet points to break up text
  • Has an accessible vocabulary anyone can understand
  • Is written in an upbeat, conversational tone



Step 4: Include applicant qualifications + assessments


Indeed’s free* applicant qualifications and assessment tools can help you quickly find your best candidates.


* Terms, conditions, quality standards and usage limits apply


At the Applicant Qualifications page, you can ask questions that immediately qualify or disqualify your applicants. Indeed has a number of pre-made questions to choose from, but you can also customize the questions to ask whatever info you need to know.


Learn more about How to Use Applicant Qualifications on Indeed.


You can also add an assessment if you want to put your applicants’ skills to the test. Choose from a number of pre-made topic-specific assessments from general skills to role specific tests. An assessment both proves your candidates’ knowledge of a subject as well as demonstrates their level of interest in the job.



Step 5: Choose to sponsor or post for free*


Most jobs on Indeed can be posted for free.* But if you want a larger number of applicants, sponsoring your job gives your job post better visibility to job seekers.


* Terms, conditions, quality standards and usage limits apply


You only pay for the performance of your Sponsored Job and there are no long-term contracts when you sponsor. You can also feel confident knowing you can start, stop, or pause your job at any time––we know hiring needs can change at the drop of a hat.


Learn more about How Pricing Works on Indeed.


Sponsoring also unlocks Instant Match, a feature that lets you see the candidates on Indeed whose resumes fit your job description and then invite them to apply.



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