Dental Office Manager Job Description Sample

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What does a Dental Office Manager do?

Dental Office Managers run the front offices of dental clinics, managing daily operations so that dentists can focus on their patients. Dental Office Managers supervise the business aspects of a dental practice such as budgets, billing, salaries and expenses. They also supervise dental support staff. They work with patients, assisting them with billing, and advising them on insurance and treatment plans.

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Dental Office Manager duties and responsibilities

Dental Office Managers are typically responsible for a scope of activities within a practice, including:

  • Managing the finances of a dental practice
  • Implementing procedures and policies for smooth operations and staffing
  • Scheduling client appointments
  • Hiring, training and supervising staff
  • Managing insurance claims
  • Performing marketing and public relations

Dental Office Manager skills and qualifications

Dental Office Manager employ the following skills:

  • Strong leaderskip, communication and motivation skills as well as ability to supervise others
  • Expert knowledge of safety regulations and compliance including Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards
  • Excellent computer skills for email correspondence, financial transactions and scheduling of appointments
  • Efficient multi-tasking and organizational skills
  • Maturity, tact, integrity and respect for patient confidentiality

Dental Office Manager education and training requirements

Although the minimum education requirement for these individuals is normally a high-school diploma or equivalent, many Dental Office Managers hold an associate’s or bachelor’s degree. The American Association of Dental Managers (AADOM) offers training through free webinars, as well as annual national conferences, while the DALE Foundation offers certification courses in topics like Financial Reporting and HR Fundamentals for the Dental Office.

Dental Office Manager experience requirements

Most qualified candidates have at least one year of experience in a medical or dental practice as front office receptionists or dental assistants. Depending on the needs of an organization, supervisory or management experience may be be required.

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