Hotel Front Desk Clerk Job Description: Top Duties and Qualifications

Hotel Front Desk Clerks, or Hotel Receptionists, are responsible for providing all of a hotel’s guests with an accommodating experience by coordinating amenities and responding to customer needs. Their duties include greeting people as they enter the lobby, fielding calls from guests and helping visitors check into their rooms.

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Hotel Front Desk Clerk Duties and Responsibilities

Hotel Front Desk Clerks use customer service and communication skills to provide the guest with an exceptional and accommodating hotel experience. Hotel Front Desk Clerks have the following responsibilities:

  • Check in customers using computer programs and equipment and provide guests with directions to their room
  • Inform customers of all on-site amenities and any relevant information that is needed to use them
  • Handle and resolve guest complaints
  • Invoice and bill guests for their stay and services used
  • Communicate with guests to better understand their individual needs to provide them with the best service possible

Hotel Front Desk Clerk Job Description Examples


Example 1

We are looking for a Hotel Front Desk Agent to serve as our guests’ first point of contact and manage all aspects of their accommodation. Hotel Front Desk Agent responsibilities include registering guests, managing reservations and providing information about rooms, rates and amenities. If you have a knack for customer service and work experience in the hotel industry, we’d like to meet you. Ultimately, you will help create a pleasant and memorable stay for our guests. * Perform all check-in and check-out tasks * Manage online and phone reservations * Inform customers about payment methods and verify their credit card data * Register guests collecting necessary information (like contact details and exact dates of their stay) * Welcome guests upon their arrival and assign rooms * Provide information about our hotel, available rooms, rates and amenities * Respond to clients’ complaints in a timely and professional manner * Liaise with our housekeeping staff to ensure all rooms are clean, tidy and fully-furnished to accommodate guests’ needs * Confirm group reservations and arrange personalized services for VIP customers and event attendees, like wedding guests * Upsell additional facilities and services, when appropriate * Maintain updated records of bookings and payments *Skills* * Work experience as a Hotel Front Desk Agent, Receptionist or similar role * Experience with hotel reservations software, like Cloudbeds and RoomKeyPMS * Understanding of how travel planning websites operate, like Booking and TripAdvisor * Customer service attitude * Excellent communication and organizational skills * Degree in hotel management is a plus Job Types: Full-time, Part-time Pay: $10.25 - $12.50 per hour Benefits: * Employee discount * Flexible schedule Schedule: * 8 hour shift * Day shift * Holidays Education: * High school or equivalent (Preferred) Experience: * Hotel experience: 1 year (Preferred) Work Location: One location

What does a Hotel Front Desk Clerk do?

Hotel Front Desk Clerks are the first point of contact for guests staying at a hotel or resort. They provide guests with information about what services the hotel offers and how they can access various amenities. Hotel Front Desk Clerks coordinate room reservations and confirm the details of a customer’s visit prior to their stay. They maintain an up-to-date knowledge of room rates and housekeeping schedules, allowing them to provide prompt and accurate information to guests. Hotel Front Desk Clerks also coordinate payment and verify each customer’s personal information to ensure they receive the services they paid for.

Hotel Front Desk Clerk Skills and Qualifications

A successful Hotel Front Desk Clerk will have various prerequisite skills and qualification, including:

  • Computer knowledge: Basic knowledge of computers is required as a Hotel Front Desk Clerk. Hotel clerks will often use computers to check in guests, create invoices and manage online bookings.
  • Communication: Strong verbal and nonverbal communication skills are important as a Hotel Front Desk Clerk. Hotel clerks will use active listening skills to understand the individual needs of each customer. They will also use nonverbal skills to identify a guest’s satisfaction or dissatisfaction with their stay.
  • Customer service: Customer service skills are a requirement as a Hotel Front Desk Clerk. Front desk clerks work with guests when checking in, checking out and when guests request information from the front desk. 
  • Problem-solving: Guests will often come to the Hotel Front Desk Clerk with problems. The ability to identify and overcome a problem can be useful in the Hotel Front Desk Clerk role.

Hotel Front Desk Clerk Salary Expectations

The average yearly salary for a Hotel Front Desk Clerk is $11.85 per hour. Hotel clerk salaries can range between $7.25-$22.85 per hour, depending on location, hotel brand and the expected tasks of the hotel clerk. Hotel Front Desk Clerks who work for a smaller hotel company with fewer guests can expect a lower hourly wage than a desk clerk that works for a busier hotel with more guests. Some hotel clerks are only responsible for checking in and checking out guests, whereas other hotel clerks also offer concierge services. Concierge services require more advanced customers service skills and knowledge of the local area and its attractions, which will often result in a higher hourly wage.

Hotel Front Desk Clerk Education and Training Requirements

A minimum of a high school diploma is often a requirement as a Hotel Front Desk Clerk, but some hiring managers may prefer a bachelor’s degree. Relevant industries include sales, customer service and computers. Most hotel clerks will receive on-the-job training in the first few weeks in the position. A new front desk clerk may work with an experienced front desk clerk until they are ready to manage the expected tasks on their own.

Hotel Front Desk Clerk Experience Requirements

Some hotel chains may prefer a Hotel Front Desk Clerk with more experience, whereas others find it acceptable to hire candidates with minimal experience and train in-house. Some desk clerks may come from other customer service positions like retail, restaurant or sales with strongly developed customer service skills that transfer to the new position.

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Frequently asked questions about Hotel Front Desk Clerks


What is the difference between a Hotel Front Desk Clerk and a Concierge?

Hotel Front Desk Clerks and Concierges are both important parts of a hotel’s customer service team who work together to ensure guests have a great stay. Hotel Front Desk Clerks are usually the first person guests interact with when making a reservation or arriving at the hotel. They help guests make appointments, get settled at the hotel and find their room when they arrive. Concierges are more focused on helping people staying at the hotel coordinate their activities and entertainment while staying in the area. They suggest restaurants and shows, arrange transportation and give insider tips on things to do.


What are the daily duties of a Hotel Front Desk Clerk?

Hotel Front Desk Clerks can work any time of day, including overnight shifts. On a typical day, Hotel Front Desk Clerks stay at their station near the entrance to the hotel, welcoming guests and answering phones. When guests arrive, they ask about their reservation and provide them with the keys to their room. Hotel Front Desk Clerks may contact housekeeping staff or Bellhops on behalf of the guests to have their luggage delivered or get extra towels and bedding. They respond to maintenance requests from current guests and contact technicians to fix broken fixtures in guest rooms.


What are the qualities of a good Hotel Front Desk Clerk?

A good Hotel Front Desk Clerk is personable, friendly and polite when interacting with others. As a key member of the hospitality industry, Hotel Front Desk Clerks care about their appearance and present themselves in a tidy, professional manner. Successful Hotel Front Desk Clerks are excellent at coordinating details, allowing them to manage requests from guests and track complex reservations. They are able to stay calm under pressure and remain positive even when dealing with guests that are critical or upset about their experience.


What should you look for on a Hotel Front Desk Clerk's resume?

When hiring for a Hotel Front Desk Clerk position, look for experience in a customer-oriented environment. Candidates who have worked in a retail, food service or other hospitality environment often have transferrable skills that apply well to managing a hotel’s front desk activities. Look for resumes that reference the volume of clients a candidate managed at previous positions to assess whether they can handle the number of guests at your hotel.

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