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Youth Pastor Job Description: Top Duties and Qualifications

Last updated: April 15, 2023

A Youth Pastor, or Youth Minister, is responsible for guiding children and adolescents in their understanding of themselves and their faith. Their duties include organizing youth events or retreats to encourage community building, teaching Sunday school and other educational programs and communicating with church staff about faith education needs.

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Youth Pastor Duties and Responsibilities

A Youth Pastor should be able to perform various duties and responsibilities. The Youth Pastor should help the church fulfill its calling to minister to youth. Youth Pastors should do this by being strong leaders in the youth ministry and by training youth volunteers to serve in the church. The following are some of the duties and responsibilities a Youth Pastor should be able to execute:

  • Train and recruit volunteers for efficient implementation of church programs.
  • Provide counseling to youths and help them realize their individual goals.
  • Administer and plan numerous youth programs like evangelism, retreats and Bible study sessions.
  • Coordinate with parents of youth group members regarding their children’s involvement and participation in the church.
  • Assist in organizing and compiling of Sunday school curriculum.
  • Participate and contribute to staff and church meetings.
  • Train youths on how to be future faith-filled leaders and set up programs to facilitate spiritual growth.
  • Develop and maintain effective relationships with various leaders in the community for purposes of swift outreach programs.
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Youth Pastor Job Description Examples

What Does a Youth Pastor Do?

Youth Pastors typically work for church congregations across a wide range of Christian denominations. They can also work for faith-based non-profit organizations. They work closely with Pastors, Priests or administrative staff to help the youth in their congregation develop their faith. Their job is to review biblical passages and other materials from church leaders to create lesson plans or topics for group discussions. They may also be responsible for coordinating with local charities to schedule volunteer events for youths.

Youth Pastor Skills and Qualifications

A successful Youth Pastor will have certain skills and qualifications. Including this category in your job description will help you acquire a high-quality Youth Pastor. Here are some skills and qualifications to look out for in an individual:

  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills accompanied by a positive attitude with young students in the church
  • Great computer and creativity skills in designing new and entertaining ways for students to learn about life in Christ and faith values
  • Ability to deal with and relate to young people by earning their respect and trust
  • Excellent organization and supervision skills
  • Strong management and leadership skills in educating and preaching religious messages
  • Evident relationship and belief in God and the church
  • Availability to work extended hours and during weekends
  • Proficiency in evangelical studies and youth ministry

Youth Pastor Salary Expectations

Salaries for Youth Pastors vary depending on location and experience. The national average salary for a Youth Pastor is $34,684 per year. Before coming up with fair compensation for this position, be sure to compare salaries from other organizations and churches in your location.

Youth Pastor Education and Training Requirements

It is essential that a Youth Pastor should have various education and training requirements. These qualifications indicate that an individual has the basic academic knowledge for the job. A Youth Pastor should at least have a high school diploma. They may have some college education, preferably Bible college or a bachelor’s degree in theology. Youth Pastors should also have a proficient understanding of the challenges and needs of teenagers and adolescents.

Youth Pastor Experience Requirements

An effective Youth Pastor should demonstrate experience in the profession. Asking for experience will help you ascertain their capability to perform in the job. A Youth Pastor should have experience working with young people. They should also have previous experience as a Youth Pastor or leader in the field of religious education. Youth Pastors should have experience working under a Pastor or youth ministry. It is also important that a Youth Pastor has experience in youth counseling, mentoring and development.

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Frequently asked questions about Youth Pastors

What is the difference between a Youth Pastor and a Youth Director?

Both Youth Pastors and Youth Directors can work for churches to provide faith-based instruction. However, the main differences between a Youth Pastor and a Youth Director are their education requirements, relative work environments and areas of job focus. For example, to qualify for a Youth Pastor role, individuals can follow a few different educational tracts based on an employer’s requirements. In some situations, Youth Pastors need a high school diploma and a youth ministry certification, but they may also need to either be in the process of receiving a degree or have received a bachelor’s degree in youth ministry.

In contrast, Youth Directors usually need a bachelor’s degree in an area like youth ministry if they plan to work for a church. Still, they can also obtain a degree in education or youth development. Because of their potential differences in education, Youth Pastors work at churches or faith-based non-profits to help youths develop their faith. In contrast, Youth Directors can potentially work for churches, non-profits, social service agencies or community centers.

What are the daily duties of a Youth Pastor?

On a typical day, a Youth Pastor starts by checking their email and voicemail to respond to time-sensitive messages from parents, community members or church staff. They review their schedule to remind themselves of upcoming youth events and begin preparations. Throughout the day, Youth Pastors meet with church staff to discuss monthly budgets, upcoming church events and other important items. During downtime in their office, Youth Pastors finalize lesson plans, type newsletters or worksheets and reflect on biblical passages to discuss with youth members.

Later in the afternoon, Youth Pastors host youth group activities and meet with youth members as necessary.

What qualities make a good Youth Pastor?

A good Youth Pastor has a dedication to their faith, which enables them to contemplate biblical passages and connect them to ongoing events in the world. This is important to help youth members connect with and understand their faith. They value education and look to obtain certifications relating to childhood development, teaching and faith topics.

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