Youth Pastor Job Description: Top Duties and Qualifications

A Youth Pastor, or Youth Minister, is responsible for guiding children and adolescents in their understanding of themselves and their faith. Their duties include organizing youth events or retreats to encourage community building, teaching Sunday school and other educational programs and communicating with church staff about faith education needs.

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Youth Pastor Duties and Responsibilities

A Youth Pastor should be able to perform various duties and responsibilities. The Youth Pastor should help the church fulfill its calling to minister to youth. Youth Pastors should do this by being strong leaders in the youth ministry and by training youth volunteers to serve in the church. The following are some of the duties and responsibilities a Youth Pastor should be able to execute:

  • Train and recruit volunteers for efficient implementation of church programs.
  • Provide counseling to youths and help them realize their individual goals.
  • Administer and plan numerous youth programs like evangelism, retreats and Bible study sessions.
  • Coordinate with parents of youth group members regarding their children’s involvement and participation in the church.
  • Assist in organizing and compiling of Sunday school curriculum.
  • Participate and contribute to staff and church meetings.
  • Train youths on how to be future faith-filled leaders and set up programs to facilitate spiritual growth.
  • Develop and maintain effective relationships with various leaders in the community for purposes of swift outreach programs. 
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Youth Pastor Job Description Examples


Example 1

The Youth Pastor is to assist the Senior Pastor and staff in overseeing the ministry and outreach to Jr. High and High School Students. The Youth Pastor will work alongside the staff to carry out the mission as a member of the ministry team. Key 1. Provide overall leadership to our youth ministry, including the accomplishment of all WFCC goals and objectives. 2. Model and raise the value of a Christ-centered lifestyle within the youth of our church. 3. Build a growing Youth Ministries team to effectively reach the unchurched youth of WFCC's immediate and extended communities. 4. Maintain a close working relationship with the public and private schools of our community. Make connections with students from our schools, drawing them into the fellowship of our church and into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. 5. Collaborate with the church's staff in the creation of new ministries and help develop current ministries to accomplish the vision and mission of the church. 6. Identify volunteer resources and needs. 7. Make and maintain positive relationships with leaders of the community, especially those leaders of our schools and other organizations. 8. Establish strong relationships with the youth of our church, maximizing ministry impact in their lives. 9. Provide counseling and spiritual direction to youth on an individual basis. 10. Maintain contact with students and parents, keeping them informed of ongoing activities. Keep parents updated on ministry strategies and plans in a way that encourages partnership and involvement. 11. Prepare, monitor, and control the annual youth budget as approved by the church board. 12. Manage student fees and fundraising money for events and ministry mission trips. 13. Participate in weekly staff meetings and one-on-one meetings with the Senior Pastor. Participate in the regular and special services of the church. 14. Plan and prepare for all services, meetings, and activities adequately in order to accomplish the activity's stated purpose. 15. Attend/Lead a week of church camp and a Mission Trip/Mission Wellsville every year. Qualifications: 1. Demonstrate gifts and calling to youth ministry. Have a love for Jesus Christ, for young people, and for the church. 2. Have a passion for evangelism and outreach, both personally and at the ministry level. 3. Self-motivation to lead, capable of casting and imparting vision for ministry. Possess relational skills with youth, parents, and staff. 4. Must possess strong communication skills and a desire to be active in community outreach. This position requires excellent leadership, administrative, and organizational skills. 5. Must have the ability to research the community, utilizing demographics, technology, and social media to reach the unchurched youth of our community. 6. Be able to work as a team player, cooperating with the staff, elders, and board of WFCC. 7. Should be able to act with minimal supervision and provide guidance to church leadership in all areas concerning youth ministry. 8. Exhibit proven ability to teach and train youth into a deeply enriching faith experience. 9. Exemplify obedience to the Word of God and devotion to a deep-rooted prayer life. 10. Demonstrate faithfulness to the vision and mission of WFCC. 11. Must have a clear testimony to a saving, sanctifying, and growing relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. 12. Model a Christ-like lifestyle and a passion to reach the lost for Jesus Christ. Job Types: Full-time, Contract Pay: $40,000.00 per year Benefits: * Paid time off Schedule: * Day shift * Weekend availability Education: * High school or equivalent (Required) Work Location: One location

Example 2

_Youth and Family Pastor _ December 2021 Position Description Position: Youth and Family Lay Pastor Reports to: Senior Pastor Personnel Status: Exempt, part-time. Skills: Seeking a warm and welcoming individual. Someone who is comfortable working with babies, children, youth, and their parents. Someone with leadership skills and the ability to correct behaviors, provide guidance, train and set clear expectations for staff and volunteers. Excellent communication skills, and the ability to work with people of varying opinions and beliefs are a must. Must be a self starter, who is able to take the lead without a lot of direction. Hours: Approximately 20 hours per week with the understanding that in some seasons of the church’s life there will be more and less hours in any given week. Duties: 1. Give oversight, direction, and primary staff leadership to the Children’s Sunday School program and Children’s Church program (which will include such tasks as identifying and training Sunday School/Children’s Church teachers, administering schedules, convening necessary Sunday School teacher meetings, coordinating and recruiting Sunday School assistants, getting to know parents of children and finding ways to stay in touch with them regularly, identifying appropriate curricula for Children’s Sunday School/Children’s church), participating as mutually agreed in regular staff meetings. Be the primary supervisor of the Children’s Sunday School teachers in consultation as needed with the Sr. Pastor. 2. Ordering Sunday School curriculum and ongoing evaluation of whether current curriculum is meeting the needs of the Sunday School. 3. Taking the lead in planning one Children’s/Youth Sunday worship per year in consultation with the Sr. Pastor 4. When requested, giving more information (typically via email) to visitors who have questions about the Children’s and Youth programs. 5. Be the primary point of contact and coordinator and publicity person for Youth activities and Regional camping opportunities; liaison with the Youth Ministry Team. Send weekly email(s) to parents of children and youth noting/promoting upcoming activities, etc. 6. Have the primary responsibility for planning and implementing non-Sunday morning children’s focused events and activities, e.g., Fall Festival (fun, family-oriented event in the fall of each year), Advent Festival (fun, family-oriented event in December of each year), Eggstravaganza (fun, family-oriented event around Easter)), Vacation Bible School (usually, this is a week-long event for families in the summer). 7. Make visits to church members when asked by Senior Pastor 8. Participate in helping to lead various aspects of worship 9. Lead the youth group program, including Lighthouse (currently, this group meets on Tuesday nights in our Youth Lounge from 6:30-8:30 pm), Sunday mornings and afternoons, and Youth “Get Outs” (currently, this group meets once a month on Friday nights from 6-10 pm) 10. Host/Lead activities for youth such as lock-ins, camping trips, summer outings, etc. 11. Attend meetings as a representative of the staff, as requested by the Senior Pastor 12. Other duties as Salary: $20,000 Benefits: Participation in our Pension Fund with the church paying 11% dues and you paying 3% dues. Vacation: Per the church’s personnel policy, employees will begin to accrue vacation from the date of their employment; however, unless otherwise contractually agreed, they will not be entitled to it until they have been employed for ninety days. Employees, unless otherwise contractually agreed, will accrue paid vacation based on the number of years of employment as follows: Years of service - Weeks of Vacation: 1-5 years, 2 weeks per year; 6-9 years, 3 weeks per year; 10 or more years, 4 weeks per year. The Youth and Family Pastor may miss two Sundays per number of weeks of vacation per year. For example, during the first year of service, this position may miss four Sundays. Job Type: Part-time Pay: $20,000.00 per year Benefits: * 401(k) * Dental insurance * Flexible schedule * Health insurance * Life insurance * Paid time off * Parental leave * Professional development assistance * Retirement plan * Vision insurance Schedule: * Weekend availability COVID-19 considerations: We are currently requiring masks to be worn, regardless of vaccination status. Education: * High school or equivalent (Preferred) Experience: * Working with children/youth: 1 year (Preferred) Work Location: One location

What Does a Youth Pastor Do?

Youth Pastors typically work for church congregations across a wide range of Christian denominations. They can also work for faith-based non-profit organizations. They work closely with Pastors, Priests or administrative staff to help the youth in their congregation develop their faith. Their job is to review biblical passages and other materials from church leaders to create lesson plans or topics for group discussions. They may also be responsible for coordinating with local charities to schedule volunteer events for youths.

Youth Pastor Skills and Qualifications

A successful Youth Pastor will have certain skills and qualifications. Including this category in your job description will help you acquire a high-quality Youth Pastor. Here are some skills and qualifications to look out for in an individual:

  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills accompanied by a positive attitude with young students in the church
  • Great computer and creativity skills in designing new and entertaining ways for students to learn about life in Christ and faith values
  • Ability to deal with and relate to young people by earning their respect and trust
  • Excellent organization and supervision skills
  • Strong management and leadership skills in educating and preaching religious messages
  • Evident relationship and belief in God and the church
  • Availability to work extended hours and during weekends
  • Proficiency in evangelical studies and youth ministry

Youth Pastor Salary Expectations

Salaries for Youth Pastors vary depending on location and experience. The national average salary for a Youth Pastor is $34,684 per year. Before coming up with fair compensation for this position, be sure to compare salaries from other organizations and churches in your location. 

Youth Pastor Education and Training Requirements

It is essential that a Youth Pastor should have various education and training requirements. These qualifications indicate that an individual has the basic academic knowledge for the job. A Youth Pastor should at least have a high school diploma. They may have some college education, preferably Bible college or a bachelor’s degree in theology. Youth Pastors should also have a proficient understanding of the challenges and needs of teenagers and adolescents. 

Youth Pastor Experience Requirements

An effective Youth Pastor should demonstrate experience in the profession. Asking for experience will help you ascertain their capability to perform in the job. A Youth Pastor should have experience working with young people. They should also have previous experience as a Youth Pastor or leader in the field of religious education. Youth Pastors should have experience working under a Pastor or youth ministry. It is also important that a Youth Pastor has experience in youth counseling, mentoring and development.

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Frequently asked questions about Youth Pastors


What is the difference between a Youth Pastor and a Youth Director?

Both Youth Pastors and Youth Directors can work for churches to provide faith-based instruction. However, the main differences between a Youth Pastor and a Youth Director are their education requirements, relative work environments and areas of job focus. For example, to qualify for a Youth Pastor role, individuals can follow a few different educational tracts based on an employer’s requirements. In some situations, Youth Pastors need a high school diploma and a youth ministry certification, but they may also need to either be in the process of receiving a degree or have received a bachelor’s degree in youth ministry.

In contrast, Youth Directors usually need a bachelor’s degree in an area like youth ministry if they plan to work for a church. Still, they can also obtain a degree in education or youth development. Because of their potential differences in education, Youth Pastors work at churches or faith-based non-profits to help youths develop their faith. In contrast, Youth Directors can potentially work for churches, non-profits, social service agencies or community centers. 


What are the daily duties of a Youth Pastor?

On a typical day, a Youth Pastor starts by checking their email and voicemail to respond to time-sensitive messages from parents, community members or church staff. They review their schedule to remind themselves of upcoming youth events and begin preparations. Throughout the day, Youth Pastors meet with church staff to discuss monthly budgets, upcoming church events and other important items. During downtime in their office, Youth Pastors finalize lesson plans, type newsletters or worksheets and reflect on biblical passages to discuss with youth members. 

Later in the afternoon, Youth Pastors host youth group activities and meet with youth members as necessary.


What qualities make a good Youth Pastor?

A good Youth Pastor has a dedication to their faith, which enables them to contemplate biblical passages and connect them to ongoing events in the world. This is important to help youth members connect with and understand their faith. They value education and look to obtain certifications relating to childhood development, teaching and faith topics.


Who does a Youth Pastor report to?

A Youth Pastor usually reports to the Head Pastor or Senior Pastor at a church. This individual acts as a point of communication for Youth Pastors when they encounter budgeting or scheduling concerns or when they’re worried about the health and wellbeing of a youth member. Head Pastors also provide overall guidance when Youth Pastors need help developing lesson plans or themes.

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