Accountant Job Description: Top Duties and Qualifications

An Accountant or Accountant Professional is responsible for the management and reporting of financial data of an organization. Their duties include preparing financial statements, examining and analyzing a company’s accounts and ensuring compliance with financial reporting and other standard accounting procedures.

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Accountant duties and responsibilities

Accountants prepare and examine financial records, ensuring records are accurate and that taxes are paid. Different types of Accountant duties and responsibilities may include the following:

  • Reconciling the company’s bank statements and bookkeeping ledgers 
  • Completing analysis of the employee expenditures
  • Managing income and expenditure accounts
  • Generating the company’s financial reports using income and expenditure data
  • Keeping a check on the company’s finances based on financial status
  • Filing and remitting taxes and other financial obligations
  • Initiating and managing financial and accounting software used by the company

Accountant Job Description Examples



Position: Accounting/Bookkeeper

Yardi or Quick Book Experience Required

Summary: This person will be responsible for processing all accounts payable and accounts receivable.

Duties and Responsibilities: Inputs and maintains all AP/AR data in Quick books / Yardi system. ·

  • Cuts all checks and processes accounts payable.

  • Records monthly expendables.

  • Record, balance and deposit all receipts.

  • Produce and mail monthly invoices for all tenants in accordance with lease agreements.

  • Collects and records rent payments.

  • Calculates and bills management fees.

  • Escalate past due accounts to Property Manager and CFO.

  • Enter all cash deposits.

  • Reconcile bank accounts.

  • Complete special projects as assigned.

  • Competencies: High level of ownership, accountability and initiative.

  • Ability to multi-task and change direction quickly Punctual.

  • Able to work with minimum supervision.

    Requirements: 1 year of experience in same or related position

    Proficient in MS Office (Word, Excel, Outlook, Access) Quick books / Yardi experience is Required

    High School Diploma or GED Job Type:

    Full-time Salary: $60,000.00 to $65,000.00


    Yardi: 1 year (Required)

    Accounts Payable: 1 year (Required)

    Accounting: 1 year (Required)

    Accounts Receivable: 1 year (Required)

    Real Estate Accounting: 1 year (Required)

    Education: Bachelor's (Preferred)

    Location: NYC

    Job Type: Contract

    Salary: $60,000.00 to $65,000.00 /year


  • bookkeeping: 1 year (Preferred)

  • accounting: 1 year (Preferred)

  • quickbooks: 1 year (Preferred)

  • accounting/finance: 1 year (Preferred)


  • Bachelor's (Preferred)

    Full Time Opportunity:

  • Yes


  • Flexible schedule

    Job Duties:

  • Monitoring company accounts and conducting quarterly reviews

  • Accounts payable

  • Accounts receivable

  • Profit-and-loss statements

  • Expense reports

  • Presenting budgets and reports to upper management

    This Job Is Ideal for Someone Who Is:

  • Dependable -- more reliable than spontaneous

  • Adaptable/flexible -- enjoys doing work that requires frequent shifts in direction

  • Autonomous/Independent -- enjoys working with little direction

    This Job Is:

  • A job for which all ages, including older job seekers, are encouraged to apply


  • Monday to Yes
  • ×


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    OmniClerk Admin

    Job Types: Full-time, Part-time, Contract, Commission

    Salary: $5,000.00 to $22,000.00 /month


  • English (Required)

    Application Question:

  • Have you already submitted your profile at



    Contract Renewal:

  • Likely

    Commission Only:

  • Yes

    Additional Compensation:

  • Commission

  • Other forms

    Work Location:

  • Fully Remote


  • Flexible schedule

  • Professional development assistance

    Hours per week:

  • Less than 10

  • 10-19

  • 20-29

  • 30-39

    Job Duties:

  • Monitoring company accounts and conducting quarterly reviews

  • Accounts payable

  • Accounts receivable

  • Profit-and-loss statements

  • Tax preparation

  • Expense reports

  • Cost reduction proposals

  • Payroll

  • Budgets

  • Presenting budgets and reports to upper management

    This Company Describes Its Culture as:

  • Detail-oriented -- quality and precision-focused

  • Stable -- traditional, stable, strong processes

  • People-oriented -- supportive and fairness-focused

  • Team-oriented -- cooperative and collaborative

    This Job Is:

  • A “Fair Chance” job (you or the employer follow Fair Chance hiring practices when performing background checks - learn more at [website]

  • Open to applicants who do not have a high school diploma/GED

  • A good fit for applicants with gaps in their resume, or who have been out of the workforce for the past 6 months or more

  • A good job for someone just entering the workforce or returning to the workforce with limited experience and education

  • A job for which all ages, including older job seekers, are encouraged to apply

  • Open to applicants who do not have a college diploma

  • A job for which people with disabilities are encouraged to apply

    Additional Duties:

  • Recordkeeping

  • Account Invoice Data entry
  • ×


    Jacksonville Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram (Baymeadows) & Jacksonville Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram (Arlington)

  • are busting at the seams with opportunity. Our amazing staff is growing leaps and bounds and will need additional help as our dealerships continue to grow. The accounting department is hiring for all positions, which includes but not limited to: Controller, Office Manager, Payroll Clerk, Accounts Receivable/Payable, New & Used Billing Clerks, title clerk, dealer trade/warranty clerk and filing clerk. As with all positions within dealerships, each position is expected to uphold the highest skill and standards.

    Job Responsibilities:

  • Each position will come with a clear outline of what is expected on a day to day basis.

    Job Requirements:

  • automotive dealership experience preferred

  • High School degree required

  • Reynolds & Reynolds experience

  • A working knowledge of administrative positions

  • Proficient in Excel and Word

  • Excellent communication skills

  • The ability to work well with personnel and vendors to resolve problems.

    Dealership Commitment:

  • Medical Insurance

  • Dental & Vision Insurance

  • Optional Life Insurance

  • Paid Holidays (after 90 days of full time employment)

  • Paid Vacation (after 1 year of full time employment)

  • Optional 401K with company match

  • Clean background and drug screen required.

    Job Type: Full-time

    Job Type: Full-time

    Salary: $28,000.00 to $100,000.00 /year


  • bookkeeping: 1 year (Preferred)

  • accounting: 1 year (Preferred)

  • accounting/finance: 1 year (Preferred)


  • Health insurance

  • Dental insurance

  • Vision insurance

  • Retirement plan

  • Paid time off

  • Other


  • Monday to Friday

  • Weekends No
  • What does an Accountant do?

    Accountants typically work for an accounting firm or as part of a corporation, but they can also complete freelance work for small businesses and individuals. They use their knowledge of financial practices to perform important accounting tasks. Their job is to check over financial statements, monitor company budgets, calculate employee paychecks for each pay period and review and prepare tax obligations.

    Accountant job description intro paragraph

    When writing an Accountant job description, start by introducing the job and company to prospective Accountants. Briefly highlight the work environment, what sets your company apart and why the role is important to your company.

    For example:

    “Company ABC is looking for a self-motivated Accountant to join our financial management department. In this role, you’ll play an important role in our company’s financial operations, ensuring accuracy in accounting and compliance with the law. We’re a fully remote company and welcome applicants from anywhere in the United States to apply.

    Here at Company ABC, we’re committed to fostering a culture where employees feel heard and valued. We’re proud to have a 4.5 star rating on Indeed Company Pages and an above average ​​Work Happiness Score from our employees.”

    Accountant skills and qualifications

    In order to best perform their duties and responsibilities, an Accountant should possess the following skills and qualifications: 

    • Experience with accounting software and data entry
    • Excellent understanding of accounting rules and procedures including the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP)
    • Advanced knowledge and experience of spreadsheets
    • Ability to work independently
    • Analytical skills

    Accountant salary expectations

    An Accountant makes an average of $57,290 per year plus other benefits. The salary may depend on experience, education or location. 

    Accountant education and training

    The Accountant position requires a bachelor’s degree in finance, accounting or any other related field. A master’s degree is an added advantage. New graduates with relevant internship experience will work well in entry-level roles. For senior levels, certification and relevant experience in a managerial position is an added advantage.

    In the absence of a bachelor’s degree, some certifications can suffice. A Certified Public Accountant (CPA) is subjected to thorough training that involves a specified number of hours doing coursework, practical work and written and oral examinations. Other certifications include Certified Management Accountant and Certified Financial Analyst (CFA), among others.

    Accountant experience requirements

    A successful candidate should have experience with accounting and financial software and should stay up to date with current trends. Expert-level knowledge of working with spreadsheets is crucial. Experience with word processing software is essential for generating and writing reports for record-keeping as well as presentations.

    Other experience requirements that Accountants should have include management of company finances and drawing up a budget based on income and expenditure accounts. Experience conducting internal and external auditing is an added advantage. Working experience with general ledger functions is required.

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    Frequently asked questions about Accountants


    What qualities make a good Accountant?

    A good Accountant has excellent attention to detail, allowing them to review financial statements, identify errors and make corrections accordingly. They have proficient knowledge of accounting software programs and continuously strive to further their knowledge of different software to complete their job efficiently. They also need to be well-organized to keep track of important financial documents for future analysis and reporting. Further, an Accountant has an investigative nature that enables them to track errors in calculations on cash flow statements back to the source. This ensures the accuracy of the company’s financial reporting.


    How do I write an Accountant job description for an open position?

    Review this list of steps to help you write an Accountant job description that is unique to your company:

    1. Identify your needs. This helps to create an outline of the qualifications necessary for the Accountant position. For example, an Accountant willing to work an additional 10 hours at the end of each month to organize and prepare files.
    2. Review typical Accountant qualifications. Refreshing your memory of standard Accountant qualifications allows you to gather a list of skills and education requirements for a worthy Accountant candidate.
    3. Include company facts and information. Providing a summary of your company gives candidates knowledgeable insights about your company, its purpose and work culture to determine whether or not it’s the right work opportunity for them.
    4. Keep it short and concise. Writing a brief job description helps maintain reader focus and ensures that you only include necessary facts and information about the position.
    5. Work with HR for additional guidance. This is because the HR department most likely has expertise in creating job posts and can provide you with a professional opinion before deciding to post it to job websites and other areas.


    What is the difference between an Accountant and an Accounting Clerk?

    The difference between an Accountant and an Accounting Clerk is that both have different roles that complement one another. For example, an Accounting Clerk works to calculate data and enter it into organized spreadsheets. An Accountant then reviews that data and uses it to aid financial analysis and reporting.


    Who does an Accountant report to?

    An Accountant typically reports to an Accounting Manager or a Controller. An Accounting Manager is an experienced Accountant who oversees the accounting department and the department’s employees. They set expectations and communicate ideas from upper-management. A Controller may act at a higher level than the Accounting Manager, overseeing a company’s financial procedures as a whole and working closely with the finance or accounting department.

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