Bar Manager Job Description Sample

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What does a Bar Manager do?

A Bar Manager oversees the staff and operations of a bar. They are in charge of scheduling employees, managing customer complaints and ensuring the bar is stocked and inviting to customers. Some Bar Managers are involved in the marketing and promotional advertising of a bar and may be responsible for the bar’s profitability. Bar Managers also maintain liquor licensing and ensure that staff is following local regulations.

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Bar Manager duties and responsibilities

A Bar Manager uses leadership and management skills to ensure customers have a great experience. Bar Managers often have the following responsibilities:

  • Recruit, interview, hire and train bar staff
  • Interact with customers to develop loyalty and handle customer concerns
  • Ensure all licenses are current including health, safety and liquor
  • Ensure staff is following all food control and safety regulations
  • Create employee schedules based on expected customer numbers
  • Ensure bars are profitable by analyzing liquor costs versus sales
  • Work with liquor vendors to develop new productions or promotions for the bar
  • Set and maintain standards for safe food handling, cleanliness and safety
  • Negotiate with vendors, order supplies, manage inventories and budgets

Bar Manager skills and qualifications

Bar Managers must be versed in running a bar, managing employees and ensuring the bar’s profitability. They need certain skills and experience, which include:

  • Great interpersonal, communication and customer-service skills
  • Ability to hire, train, manage and schedule staff
  • Extensive knowledge of liquor, bartending and service protocols
  • Solid organizational skills and facility with budgets, inventories and negotiating prices with vendors
  • Great sales skills and talent for developing promotions or new products

Bar Manager salary expectations

The average expected salary for a Bar Manager is $45,501 per year. Bar Manager salaries vary greatly and range between $14,000 and $93,000 per year, depending on location, size of the bar and the experience of the Bar Manager. A Bar Manager who works for a busy bar in a metropolitan area can expect to earn more than a bar manager who oversees a smaller neighborhood bar. Additionally, some Bar Managers may work on a part-time or hourly basis, whereas others work in a full-time, salaried position.

Bar Manager education and training requirements

A high school diploma is often a requirement, but some hiring managers may prefer an associate’s or bachelor’s degree. Relevant industries include sales, business administration or restaurant management. Some hiring managers may hire a Bar Manager with several years of experience in lieu of a degree. Most Bar Managers will receive on-the-job training, working their way up from bartender to supervisor and eventually, Bar Manager. Many companies have their own training programs and prefer to advance Bar Managers from within.

Bar Manager experience requirements

Hiring managers will often expect a Bar Manager to have previous experience in the bar or food industry. Some Bar Managers may come from a relevant industry working as restaurant managers.

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