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What does a Caregiver do?

Caregivers or personal care aides, typically work in their clients’ homes. These professionals help people with daily activities such as bathing and housework. Caregivers care for clients who need personal assistance for medical reasons, a disability, illness or advanced age. They are vital to the clients they serve and perform an important function.

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Caregiver duties and responsibilities

Caregivers help clients with everyday activities, from domestic tasks to completing errands. Other essential duties and responsibilities of the Caregiver include:

  • Serving as a companion to clients
  • Transporting clients to and from appointments, errands and activities
  • Managing medication
  • Preparing meals and shopping for groceries or other essentials
  • Providing care across a variety of settings, including group homes and day service programs

Caregiver skills and qualifications

Caregivers are skilled in a wide variety of tasks. Caregivers need several specialized skills, qualifications and attributes such as:

  • Empathy and the ability to care for the client's social, emotional, physical and mental health
  • Proficient with the proper handling of medications
  • Ability to multi-task, be flexible and organized
  • Ability to remain calm and handle any emergencies that may arise
  • Exceptionally patient, good at listening and responding to others' needs
  • Proficient in some domestic chores such as preparing meals and cleaning.
  • Trained in specialized areas of care, for example, dementia or Alzheimer's disease

Caregiver salary expectations

The average pay for a Caregiver is $12.23 per hour. Hourly wages may vary, based on the amount of experience, special training or qualifications required, and if the care is specialized – for example, for Alzheimer’s patients or clients with diabetes.

Caregiver education and training requirements

The minimum education requirement for Caregivers is a high school diploma or equivalent. Caregivers learn many skills through short-term or on-the-job training, but it’s common for these employees to have specialized certifications. Many organizations offer online certifications and training courses for Caregivers. Caregivers coming from the healthcare field, such as Certified Nursing Aids, may have state-mandated licenses. For some clients, whose illnesses require specialized care, additional training may be required.

Caregiver experience requirements

Many Caregivers are entry-level employees. However, for clients with special needs, candidates with one or more years of experience may be required.

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