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Commercial Manager Job Description: Top Duties and Qualifications

Last updated: August 22, 2022


A Commercial Manager, or Commercial Development Manager, is responsible for overseeing business growth efforts on behalf of a company. Their duties include conducting market research to identify new business opportunities and client leads, coordinating with company leadership to conduct risk assessments and maintaining beneficial relationships with clients, suppliers and other business partners.

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Commercial Manager Duties and Responsibilities

Commercial Managers use skills in project management and leadership to increase the sales of an organization. Commercial Managers have the following responsibilities:

  • Manage client relationships, identifying opportunities for new contracts.
  • Analyze data and create reports to identify areas of business growth.
  • Monitor local and federal regulations.
  • Bid on new projects and negotiate contract terms.
  • Recruit and oversee contractors and vendors.

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Commercial Manager Job Description Examples

What does a Commercial Manager do?

Commercial Managers typically work for corporations across industries to ensure that they continue to succeed and evolve within their target markets. They analyze company data to measure the success of past projects and make beneficial changes to future initiatives. Their job is to oversee business projects, monitor budgeting expenses and hire professionals on a contractual basis to contribute to their efforts. They may also be responsible for reviewing government regulations at the state and federal level to make sure the company’s actions comply with those regulations.

Commercial Manager Skills and Qualifications

Commercial Managers will usually have certain prerequisite skills or certifications, which include:

  • Communication: Commercial Managers will often spend the majority of their workday communicating with others. Communication with project managers, vendors, contractors and business executives are all crucial to completing the project.
  • Project management: Commercial Managers are in charge of moving a project along from its initial bid to the final completion. Strong organizational and project management skills are important when managing multiple projects.
  • Leadership: Leadership skills will assist a Commercial Manager in developing relationships, managing contractors and creating bids for new projects. Managers need good leadership skills to sell the services of the organization in which they work.
  • Problem-solving: Because problems are not uncommon, Commercial Managers will also need strong problem-solving skills to identify a problem and take the necessary steps to overcome it, while keeping vendor and financial limitations in mind.

Commercial Manager Salary Expectations

The average salary for a Commercial Manager is $66,716 per year. Some Commercial Manager salaries will vary depending on geographical location, industry and level of experience. An entry-level Commercial Manager who is in charge of a few contracts for a smaller organization will typically expect to earn less than a more experienced Commercial Manager who is in charge of the majority of the business contracts of an organization. Additionally, certifications can demonstrate expertise in the industry and can earn a Commercial Manager a higher salary.

Commercial Manager Education and Training Requirements

A minimum of a bachelor’s degree is often a requirement to become a Commercial Manager. Commercial Managers will generally choose a major that will assist them with the role including Business Administration or Business Management. Following the completion of a degree, many Commercial Managers will also pursue certification. The specific certification will depend on the industry in which the Commercial Manager wants to work. There are certifications available for Contract & Commercial Management, Supplier Relationship Management, Contract Management and Commercial Management and Procurement. Some certifications require that the candidate has previous experience in the industry whereas others can be achieved while in school.

Commercial Manager Experience Requirements

Commercial Managers are often considered experts in their industry. This means that they often have years of experience working in different positions in their field. Many Commercial Managers will begin in an entry-level position and then work their way up through the organization until they become a Commercial Manager. Commercial Managers may also come from other similar industries, transferring their skills and first learning the business practices of the new organization before managing contracts. This hands-on experience allows Commercial Managers to understand each aspect of the organization and better manage client expectations and contracts.

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Frequently asked questions about Commercial Managers


What is the difference between a Commercial Manager and a Sales Manager?

Commercial Managers and Sales Managers may seem like similar positions, but both positions have distinguishable features that separate one from the other. The main difference between a Commercial Manager and a Sales Manager is their areas of focus relating to their job responsibilities. For example, Commercial Managers have a responsibility to maintain relationships with suppliers and vendors who contribute to creating a corporation’s products and services. They also oversee particular projects to develop new or better quality products that do well on the market.

In contrast, the Sales Manager oversees a team of Salespeople to meet sales quotas and encourage consumers to purchase existing company products. They also work to develop sales strategies and train sales staff to talk about the company’s products.


What are the daily duties of a Commercial Manager?

On a typical day, a Commercial Manager starts by reviewing their schedule and checking their email or voicemail to respond to time-sensitive messages from upper management, clients or vendors. They research current market trends and competitor news to anticipate changes in consumer needs and compile reports for future products. Throughout the day, they meet with company executives to brainstorm ways to maximize their profits while delivering quality products to consumers. 

Commercial Managers also meet with potential vendors or suppliers at their manufacturing locations to determine the quality of certain materials to incorporate into company products. During downtime in their office, Commercial Managers call existing clients to renew their contracts and tell them about new products and services.


What qualities make a good Commercial Manager?

A good Commercial Manager is someone with a dedication to improving their company’s products and services. They have a professional background in their company’s industry and use their knowledge to anticipate market changes or consumer needs. Commercial Managers also have an innovative mindset to develop solutions if competitors have similar products on the market. 

Through implementing creative solutions, Commercial Managers ensure that their company maintains a competitive edge against competitors. They do this by identifying unique advertising opportunities and finding ways to enhance the quality of their products.


Who does a Commercial Manager report to?

A Commercial Manager typically reports to the Director of Business Development. They may report to the Chief Operating Officer (COO) or the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) to determine finance and project needs.

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