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Copywriter Job Description: Top Duties and Qualifications

Last updated: September 27, 2023

copywriter, or Marketing Writers, are responsible for producing engaging, clear text for different advertising channels such as websites, print ads and catalogs. Their duties include researching keywords, producing interesting written content and proofreading their work for accuracy and quality.

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copywriter duties and responsibilities

Text reads: "A day in the life of a copywriter: Writing clear & concise copy for print & digital , Interpreting briefs to understand project requirements, Collaborating with teams to develop marketing materials, Working with clients to edit & modify copy"

In the duties and responsibilities section, outline the functions that a Copywriter will perform on a day-to-day basis. Some common responsibilities for a Copywriter include the following:

  • Writing clear and error-free content for a website that reflects the company’s voice
  • Meeting with clients to understand their message, brand voice and target audience
  • Proposing copy concepts in an engaging way for clients and carrying out projects once they are approved
  • Interpreting creative direction and technical information and turning them into persuasive copy concepts
  • Collaborating with PR and marketing departments to brainstorm and develop a variety of marketing materials
  • Working with clients to edit and modify copy to meet their content expectations
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Copywriter Job Description Examples

What does a Copywriter do?

Copywriters can work as independent freelancers, at marketing agencies or at in-house marketing departments to produce written promotional materials that make a company’s products more accessible and interesting to potential customers. Copywriters can write text for a website’s navigation, ad slogans, email campaigns, social media posts, blog entries and any other avenue that a company uses to communicate with the public. They research a client’s brand voice and style requirements to product front-facing content that persuades customers to use their services or explains the company’s goals and mission. A Copywriter’s role is to use creativity to produce polished text.

Copywriter skills and qualifications

A successful Copywriter candidate will have various prerequisite skills and qualifications needed to complete their duties and responsibilities. Important qualifications for a Copywriter include:

  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience in communication or marketing
  • Experience producing copy for print and digital media channels
  • Proven success in producing copy for advertising or marketing campaigns
  • Exceptional skill in social media writing, including use of hashtags and relevant acronyms
  • Proficiency with common office software
  • Experience with SEO concepts and social media marketing
  • Creativity, adaptability and the ability to work collaboratively with a team

Copywriter salary expectations

A copywriter makes an average of $57,561 per year. Salary may depend on level of experience, education and the geographical location.

Copywriter education and training requirements

Copywriter positions usually require a bachelor’s degree in communications, advertising, marketing, English, writing or another related field in addition to related experience on the job. Coursework in these fields helps candidates develop skills in persuasive writing, critical thinking and marketing. Many related degree programs assist job seekers with developing a portfolio of writing samples, which demonstrates their creativity and skills to potential employers.

copywriter experience requirements

Copywriters need experience in writing and proofreading content, including proven experience as a Copywriter or in a related role. Successful candidates should also have experience conducting research for their clients. Depending on the company’s needs and the specific role, candidates may also need experience in search engine optimization (SEO), social media advertising and writing for websites and other online content. Because Copywriters often need to work on several projects at once, it is helpful for candidates to have project management experience.

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Frequently asked questions about Copywriters

What are the characteristics of a good Copywriter?

A Good Copywriter must be detail-oriented to create content that’s free of errors, follows grammatical rules and aligns with a client’s nuanced brand voice. To be successful, Copywriters need to have a growth mindset that enables them to accept criticism and apply it to future projects. Excellent Copywriters are creative, versatile, collaborative and focused. Because Copywriters can work with a range of subjects and target different audiences, good Copywriters are great multitaskers who can shift from one project to the next and enjoy doing research to find quality sources for content on any topic.

What is the difference between a Copywriter and a Technical Writer?

Copywriters produce engaging and persuasive written content in a marketing capacity, while Technical Writers produce heavily researched content that’s mostly informative. While Copywriters can also produce informative pieces, they have the general purpose of advertising a company by increasing its visibility and authority on a subject. Copywriters can be more creative and casual with their language, while Technical Writers should be straightforward and use industry jargon. Technical Writers are more specialized and may focus on a particular type of writing that requires extensive expert knowledge, such as medical writing, legal documents, instruction manuals and grant writing.

What are the daily duties of a Copywriter?

On a typical day, a Copywriter will review their assignments and start by researching each topic they’re assigned. They work closely with a Project Manager to ask any questions about the direction of their content. Copywriters create outlines to use as a guide when working on each project. They synthesize information and phrase it in a new way that aligns with a company’s goals. They reread a finished product and make adjustments to improve readability, then communicate with Copyeditors about additional changes.

Job Description Examples

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