Driver Job Description: Top Duties and Qualifications

Last updated: June 22, 2022

A Driver, or Delivery Driver, is responsible for transporting packages from a packaging plant or warehouse location to businesses and residential properties. Their duties include loading parcels into their vehicle, using a navigation system to map their route and delivering parcels to the correct addresses in a timely manner.

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Driver duties and responsibilities

Drivers are responsible for transporting clients or handling deliveries in a timely manner, and they may have to work nights and weekends to accomplish their duties. Common duties and responsibilities for drivers are to:

  • Transport clients and/or packages to and from destinations
  • Arrive at destinations on schedule
  • Fulfill administrative needs, like office pickups
  • Research and plan for traffic, construction and weather delays
  • Use navigation applications to determine the best route
  • Interact with clients professionally at all times
  • Ensure that the vehicle is always fueled and ready for use
  • Arrange for vehicle repairs as needed
  • Keep mileage records and repair records up-to-date
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Driver Job Description Examples

What does a Driver do?

Drivers typically work for corporations to collect packages and deliver them to customers. They maintain electronic logs to track their route schedule and confirm deliveries. Their job is to operate a delivery truck or van in a safe, efficient manner to deliver packages to customers within a particular area. They may also be responsible for obtaining signatures from recipients when delivering large or fragile packages.

Driver skills and qualifications

A successful driver candidate needs the following skills and qualifications:

  • A valid driver’s license and at least one year of driving experience to perform the job safely
  • Excellent navigation skills and proficiency in using navigation applications to find delivery locations
  • Time management and organizational skills to keep track of deliveries and stay on schedule
  • Exceptional communication and interpersonal skills to interact with clients
  • Physical stamina and good upper body strength to lift heavy luggage, packages and objects, as well as be able to load and unload them from their vehicle

Driver salary expectations

A Driver makes an average salary of $14.33 per hour. Pay rate may depend on level of experience, education and the geographical location.

Driver education and training requirements

There is generally no special certification required to be a professional driver beyond holding a standard driver’s license. Most employers prefer candidates to have a high school diploma, although this is not always a requirement. As long as the candidate has the skills required to carry out their duties, they are fit to be considered for the position. 

Driver experience requirements

Many companies require a minimum of one year of driving experience before a candidate can be hired for the position of a driver. However, entry-level drivers can be hired if they fit the position, although they would generally be started at or near minimum wage until they gain additional driving experience. 

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Frequently asked questions about Drivers


What is the difference between a Driver and a Courier?

Although Drivers and Couriers perform similar and sometimes overlapping job duties, there are a few differences that distinguish one from the other. The main difference between a Driver and a Courier is that Drivers only transport packages to a recipient. In contrast, Couriers can deliver and collect packages from residential properties and businesses. Couriers may deliver these packages themselves or return them to their mail facility for other couriers to deliver at a later date.

Another difference between Drivers and Couriers is that Drivers typically work for the company whose products they deliver. In contrast, Couriers may work for postal services or courier companies. In this situation, Couriers operate as third parties between companies and their customers to deliver products.


What are the daily duties of a Driver?

On a typical day, a Driver starts by arriving at their packaging facility or warehouse location to receive their assignments for the day. They park their delivery vehicle at the loading dock and use dollies to move packages onto their vehicle. They typically organize packages in their vehicle’s storage area based on their route schedule. Before leaving to start deliveries, Drivers enter their route schedule into a navigation tool. 

Throughout the day, they drive to residential and commercial properties to unload packages and confirm deliveries on electronic logs. They listen to traffic reports for their area to determine alternate routes in the event of an accident or another traffic incident. After they finish their deliveries, they return to their work location to park their vehicle and clock out.


What qualities make a good Driver?

A good Driver is someone who understands traffic laws and practices safe driving habits at all times. This means coming to a full stop at stoplights, driving the speed limit and using their turn signals and headlights accordingly. Drivers need to know how to drive in inclement weather conditions like rain, snow or ice to keep themselves and other motorists safe. They should also have great organizational skills so they can organize packages in accordance with their route schedule. This also limits the amount of time they have to sift through packages at the delivery location.

Additionally, a good Driver should also know the area surrounding their driving route. This allows them to reroute themselves to avoid traffic incidents and maintain their delivery schedule.


Who does a Driver report to?

A Driver typically reports to a Supervisor to receive information about their route and work schedule. They also call their supervisor if they experience significant traffic delays, inclement weather conditions or traffic accidents.

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