Game Designer Job Description: Top Duties and Qualifications

A Game Designer, or Narrative Designer, designs and manages all developmental and creative aspects of a video game, including the stories, settings, characters and rules. Their main duties include writing codes for video games using programming languages, testing and finding potential fixes for early versions of games and managing multiple project teams to build entertaining video games.

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Game Designer Duties and Responsibilities

A Game Designer’s duties and responsibilities can vary depending on the exact position they hold. For example, a Content Designer may work with things such as character or plot development. A Lead Designer, though, would focus more on organizing the team’s ideas, creating design documentation and creating and enforcing a project calendar. Other Designers may oversee things such as programming game mechanics, designing levels or writing dialogue.

Regardless of the specific role, Game Designers have a few general responsibilities. These include:

  • Meeting deadlines for content and game builds
  • Ensuring the team stays on budget
  • Training new team members
  • Working with clients or businesses to define and execute their product goals
  • Leading regular meetings with other designers and team members

Game Designer Job Description Examples


Example 1

Unifun Inc. is a technology company focused on creating and designing mobile apps and mobile games for a wide range of audiences. We are looking for an experienced full-time casual game designer that will be responsible for leading the design team on developing new mobile games and apps. *Responsibilities* * Lead and manage the team to create competitive hyper-casual games and puzzle story games. * Define the team strategy, vision, and goals to achieve alignment with company objectives; ensure company objectives are understood by each team member; ensure team members comply with company policies and procedures * Manage the daily operation of the game design department, supervise the designers and direct their work, establish and track team goals and development plans * Supervise and fine-tune game balancing, pacing, and feeling. * Initiate, guide, and implement new game ideas and features for the team. * Able to deconstruct and analyze mobile games mechanics. * Rapidly create and iterate mobile game concepts. * Analyze and turn ideas & features into detailed game mechanics. * Collaborate with the game teams to ensure fast and solid execution. * Innovate or fast follow design trends in the market to stay on top of trends and draw user-focused conclusions. * Write specs for designs and levels to guide implementation. * Optimize experience using sophisticated tuning models. * Proactively engage with other team members and collaborate the team efforts and constantly seek feedback from developers. * Synthesize co-worker and player feedback to calibrate design direction. * Involved in all aspects of game development: UI, UX, game design, logic, performance, etc. * Understand models and tools to analyze game play and user behavior. * Bachelor’s Degree in game design or related field; or an equivalent combination of education and experience. * At least developed one mobile game as a Senior or Lead Designer. * Strong interested in hyper casual and puzzle story games. * Have creative and hacker mindset. * Have a good sense of gameplay experience, and special attention to details. * Excellent storytelling instincts and experience telling stories interactively with gameplay (as opposed to passively, with cut-scenes or other interruptions). * Proven leadership ability and experience as a game designer leader. * Result-oriented and interested in working with data and cross-team to create the best games. * Ability to effectively manage time, prioritize tasks and work within deadlines. * Ability to collaborate effectively with team members. *Skills & Experience* * 1+ year of management experience as a design team leader. * 1+ years of professional experience as a hyper-casual and puzzle story game designer. * 3+ years of professional experience as a game designer. * Strong numerical value and content design ability. * Excellent verbal and written communication skills. * Familiar with the casual game market. * Familiar with Unity preferred. * Scripting Skills preferred. * Art Skills preferred. * FPS game experience preferred. * Have game apps on iOS and Google Play preferred. Job Type: Full-time Pay: $20.00 - $25.00 per hour Schedule: * 8 hour shift Application Question(s): * Please list the languages you can speak. Education: * Bachelor's (Preferred) Work Location: One location

Example 2

*About Company -* *Our Client Studio is one of the Free-to-Play, NFT blockchain mid-core mobile game publisher. * *What You’ll Do * * Design, implement, balance PvP/PvE battle systems * Design, implement movement-based single player gameplay * Story mode level, progression, and loot design * Work with Game Narrative designer to incorporate narrative seamlessly into player incentives * Conceive and fine-tune gameplay mechanics to ‘find the fun’ * Ensure crypto economics balanced (manage inflationary/deflationary forces in incentive design) * Analyze user data to maximize user retention and daily active use * Assist with storyline, character bios, dialogue, plot points, game objectives * Define key objectives in UX flows * Work with concept and technical artists to produce assets * Oversee sound and music implementation * Communicate gameplay mechanics to marketing and product team *What You’ll Need * * Creativity, passion for story-telling and incentivizing healthy behavior * experience in crypto/blockchain preffered * A vision for unprecedented applications of NFT gaming * experience with crypto tokenomics advantage * Strong desire to learn about the space * Familiarity with NFTs * Strong analytical mind * Strong communication skills * Solid knowledge of gaming industry and trends in RPGs, mid-core free to play mobile games * Leadership skills * Project management skills * 5+ years in game design * Proficiency in Unity * Full-time availability * PST/EST preferred * Remote OK Job Type: Full-time Schedule: * Monday to Friday Experience: * Game Design: 4 years (Required) Work Remotely: * Yes

Example 3

*Game Designer: Unreal 4 (Potential for Remote Work)* Full-time/Cambridge, MA/Design Demiurge Studios is seeking a game designer experienced in Unreal to help define the moment-to-moment gameplay for an upcoming title. You’ll collaborate with our internal design team during all stages of development. You’ll help launch a new game for a voracious, passionate audience. Then you’ll refine and extend it while it’s live. Your communication skills, organization, focus on iteration, and polish are all legendary. Your former coworkers would love to work with you again, and you’ve got a portfolio of shipped games that demonstrate your skills. People come to you for advice on gnarly Blueprint problems. You can pinpoint the key characteristics necessary to improve a game’s pacing and feel, and you relentlessly prioritize to make them shine. You love games of all sorts, and it’s clear to you that the best, most rewarding game of all… is making a great game for others to enjoy. *Primary Responsibilities* * Collaborate with artists, engineers, producers and team management in an iterative, agile development process. * Drive gameplay mechanics and level design through all development phases, from concept to live operations. * Develop solutions to novel moment-to-moment gameplay design problems. * Greybox levels, implement encounters, script mechanics. * Refine the game’s feel and pacing until it shines gloriously. * Once live, design responses to performance indicators and customer feedback. * Demonstrate proven design practices and teach other designers what you know. *Qualifications* * 3+ years of professional video game industry experience working in Unreal, including significant work with Blueprint. * Strong knowledge of basic game design and design theory. * Reliable scheduling/time management skills. * Ability to learn new tools and workflows with minimal supervision. * Excellent organizational, analytical, interpersonal, and communication skills. * Applicants must be currently authorized to work in the United States on a full-time basis. *Preference To Applicants With* * 2+ complete product cycles from concept to ship * Experience with prototyping and pre-production * Familiarity with software engineering best practices * UX design capability. *About Us: * Demiurge Studios is a rapidly growing video game developer based in Cambridge, MA. Creating games is our passion and we bring years of expertise to our projects. The teams at Demiurge build fun, accessible games like our hit, Marvel Puzzle Quest. We also provide co-development services to larger, game companies. In that capacity, Demiurge has contributed to titles such as Bioshock, Rock Band, and Mass Effect. Demiurge Studios is an equal opportunity employer, dedicated to diversity, equity and inclusion. All employment decisions are made without regard to race, color, national origin, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, religion, disability, medical condition, pregnancy, marital status, or Veteran status. Demiurge Studios also makes workplace accommodations for individuals with disabilities or special needs. Job Type: Full-time

Example 4

****Anyone in this world can apply for this position**** Game Designer Position Description Position Title Game Designer Function Production Team Reports to CTO / Creative Director Direct reports NA Key Clients / Stakeholders Internal: Marketing and product teams Development team members External: External partners Opensource community Purpose Altered State Machine are looking for a technically excellent, motivated and a proven Game Designer. You will drive the team to cohesively and correctly follow the steps necessary to build a best in class game. You will help us to pioneer the gamification of AI in play-to-earn gaming. Key Objectives/ Outcomes Design, prototype and balance game experiences Create and adapt design documentation for development and stakeholders Contribute with business specification documents Conduct design sessions with developers and other designers Conduct reviews on design sessions like playtest, data analysis review, etc Write story scripts, character and items sheets, etc Iterate with game developers on prototyping and game design Design and balance game economy Script storytelling and cinematics Participate in pre-production, production and post production stages. Troubleshot game economy and balance in a live project Knowledge & Experience Strong game design philosophies Strong problem-solving skills Proven work experience completing a full video game life-cycle; Knowledge of the latest gaming trends and technologies; Strong sense of User Acquisition and Retention Strong sense of what makes a fun and engaging experience Ability to confidently know what it takes to build and deploy a functioning game; Strong communication skills and highly effective when working with a team. Extra Points: Experience with Mobile Games and Economy Experience with Crypto Games and Economy Production experience (coding, UX design, etc) Experience in Multiplayer Games (either real time or asynchronous) Experience with Unity Professional Qualifications Relevant qualification or relevant work experience. Key Work Behavioural Competencies Highly motivated, takes ownership and thrives when working in small teams to implement scalable, high-performing solutions; Outgoing and engaging, able to build or bring together a strong community of developers; Excellent verbal and non-verbal communication skills: asks questions, is transparent, keeps people updated; Strong relationship building and relationship management skills: is respectful, supportive, inclusive and flexible; Action driven: focuses on core responsibilities, is proactive, shows initiative and delivers on objectives and timelines; Effective collaboration abilities: listens, trusts and shares, shows readiness to take on or give up responsibilities as needed; Learning focussed: continually develops technical and non-technical skills and knowledge, seeks feedback; and High integrity: always operates with the best interests of the company in mind. Values Building core infrastructure for the future of the metaverse Compliance Contributing to health and safety at work by identifying, reporting and controlling hazards and promptly reporting any Complying with company policies and Code of Conduct. Upward Career Pathway Principal Game Designer, Head of Gaming This Position Description is intended to provide a general framework and a delivery mechanism for the business. The Position Description may change as our business needs evolve. Other duties and desired outcomes may and can arise from the workflow generated. In line with our expectations, all team members, where skills and knowledge allow, are expected to take on work as allocated in direct consultation with their manager or business heads. Job Types: Full-time, Contract Pay: $150.00 - $250.00 per year Schedule: * 8 hour shift Education: * Bachelor's (Preferred) Experience: * Unreal Engine: 1 year (Preferred) Work Location: Remote

What Does A Game Designer Do?

Game Designers work for video game production companies building innovative products to either educate or entertain players. They build concepts for a game’s character and stories and pitch these ideas to executives or their clients if they work as an independent contractor.

Once the game idea is approved, they’ll collaborate with and lead teams of Artists, Animators, Sound Engineers and Programmers to build games audiences will enjoy. They’ll regularly test prototypes and provide notes to designers on ways to add fixes to the games they’re creating.

Game Designer Skills and Qualifications

Many Designers come from a background in video games, so they’ll have experience in areas like level design or programming. However, computer science skills aren’t essential. A good Designer may only need to understand the basics of the team’s preferred programming language. Other important skills and qualifications for a Game Designer include:

  • Problem-solving skills
  • Technical writing skills
  • Written and oral communication skills
  • Listening skills
  • Organization skills
  • Time management skills
  • Teamwork skills

Game Designer Salary Expectations

According to salary estimates from over 400 Indeed users, employees and job postings, the average pay for Game Designers in the United States is approximately $11 per hour. This works out to roughly $23,000 per year for a full-time employee.

Game Designer Education and Training Requirements

Video Game Designers typically have a bachelor’s degree in a related field, such as computer engineering or computer programming. Candidates may also complete a bachelor’s or master’s degree in game design. While there are no industry standard certifications or training requirements for Game Designers, applicants may have technical certificates in certain programming languages or software applications.

While working on a bachelor’s or master’s degree, students will complete courses in computer literacy, design principles and design applications. It’s also common for Game Designers to develop a portfolio of work while they’re completing a degree. This portfolio should include several small games or game concepts, demonstrating their ability to craft ideas and complete projects.

Game Designer Experience Requirements

Game Designers typically have several years of experience in other video game roles. They may start out in quality assurance testing or programming and transition into design roles after gaining five years of experience or more. Candidates with design degrees, however, may find work right out of college. Designers with few years of experience may only oversee one aspect of a game’s design, such a level design or sound design.

Job Description Samples for Similar Positions

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Frequently asked questions about Game Designers


What makes a good Game Designer?

A great Game Designer should have extensive experience both playing and building video games, as they should be passionate about ways to improve these games and they must know what players want in a solid game. Since they’re regularly managing the design and production process of a video game, strong candidates should have effective leadership and task delegation skills. The ideal candidate should also have advanced knowledge in coding languages, like C++ and Java. 


What's the difference between a Game Designer and a Game Developer?

While both the Game Designer and Game Developer are a crucial part of the video game creation process, their responsibilities differ. The Game Designer usually comes up with the initial idea and storyline for the game and builds a plan for their team to follow to help design and implement it. 

The Game Developer is usually on this team and works primarily on making the Game Designer’s vision come to life by converting the design team’s objectives into an entertaining gaming format using coding languages and advanced technical knowledge. The Game Designer usually works with the Game Developer to build the game, but also spends a portion of their time overseeing and managing other elements of the design and implementation process.


Do Game Designers have different responsibilities in different industries?

Game Designers can choose to work in certain specialties or genres, or they can work in a general role and manage video games in several different genres. Game Designers who work in the casual gaming industry build games targeted toward players of all ages and skill levels. Multiplayer online Game Designers work closely with story building games and building online worlds. Other Game Designers create handheld games and format their visual elements to be optimized for handheld devices.


Who reports to a Game Designer?

Game Designers are usually in charge of development and design teams. They’ll typically assign and delegate tasks to these employees, who will come to the Game Designer with any questions or concerns about their duties. These Artists, Sound Engineers and Programmers will regularly report to the Game Designer with updates on the game and will ask them for assistance if they’re having problems with the design or interpreting the Game Designer’s intentions and ideas for the game. 

A Game Designer may also have a Junior Game Designer on staff to directly assist them in the game design process. They usually complete smaller clerical tasks to free up the Game Designer’s time to focus on bigger picture items. The Game Designer often acts as a mentor for the Junior Game Designer and teaches them best practices for designing an impressive and quality video game.

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