Grocery Clerk Job Description: Top Duties and Qualifications

A Grocery Clerk, or Grocery Store Clerk, is responsible for supporting grocery store operations by maintaining a clean work environment and organized food displays. Their duties include stocking shelves, cleaning floors and other surfaces and answering customer questions about food products.

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Grocery Clerk Duties and Responsibilities

A successful Grocery Clerk should be able to perform various duties and responsibilities. Including this category in your job description helps to attract capable and qualified applicants. The following are some important duties and responsibilities that a Grocery Clerk should be able to fulfill:

  • Greet customers, provide them with item information and direct them to the item’s location in a store
  • Control inventory and inform procurement managers in case of low inventory levels
  • Discard all expired items according to company policy and place near expiry ones on special promotions
  • Perform stocking duties such as lifting, rotating products, ordering, blocking, dusting and facing
  • Process customer orders and oversee timely product deliveries
  • Supervise cleanliness and maintenance duties around the grocery section
  • Receive grocery items delivery and confirm the accuracy of both order and invoice
  • Oversee daily price changes and manage cash register as required

Grocery Clerk Job Description Examples


Example 1

Big Saver Foods is looking for self-motivated individuals with positive attitudes and a good attendance record to join our team. Job functions: Provide customers with excellent service, responsible for proper product rotation, keep shelves clean and organized, assist customers with questions, product location, and any other requests, maintain cleanliness and organization of work station, backroom, storage, and surrounding areas, follow all guidelines, policies, and procedures outlined in the department; safety, health, weights, and measures, assist in floor moves, merchandising, display maintenance and store housekeeping, other duties and responsibilities may be assigned as needed. * · Good attitude with customers · Able to consistently meet attendance requirements · Work with little or no supervision, trustworthy and dependable · Good organizational skills · Availability requirements include: evening, weekends, and holidays *Physical Requirements*: · Able to stand for long periods of time & up to an 8-hour shift · Able pull/push, bend, grasp, grip, · Able to lift boxes and products ranging from 10lbs up to 50lb · Able to consistently meet attendance requirements Job Types: Full-time, Part-time Pay: From $15.00 per hour Benefits: * Dental insurance * Health insurance * Life insurance * Paid time off * Retirement plan Schedule: * 8 hour shift * Day shift * Holidays * Night shift * Weekend availability Work Location: One location

Example 2

Job Overview Uncle Giuseppe's is the leading gourmet grocery in the region. We're now hiring a Grocery Clerk to help us keep growing. If you're excited to be part of a winning team, Uncle G's is the perfect place to get ahead! for a Grocery Clerk at Uncle G's: * Properly stock retail shelves with products * Safely and accurately restock product shelves * Ensure products are front facing and orderly on shelves * Interact with customers of diverse background in a positive manner * Provide accurate information to customers on location of items in store * Work with other team members to ensure products are properly stocked on shelves * Support other grocery store personnel such as cashiers to help with the check out process * Assist customers in taking groceries to their vehicles, upon request Qualifications for Grocery Clerk * Able to safely lift boxes that weigh in excess of 30 pounds * Physically able to engage in repetitive hand movements reaching shelves of varying heights * Comfortable and able to safely stand and climb ladders in small places * Must be able to frequently move from a bent position to standing position to unpack boxes * Excellent customer service skills in order to work with a diverse populations * Attention to detail and able to learn where store products are located to provide information to customers * Salary Commensurate with Experience! Uncle Giuseppe’s offers: Medical Dental Vision Supplemental Benefits, including: Life Insurance, AD&D, Critical Illness, Pet Insurance and more Vacation, Personal, and Sick Time Generous Employee Discounts on Lunch & Shopping Travel, Clothing, Entertainment, and Other Discounts 401K Note: Benefits vary depending on FT/PT Status Uncle Giuseppe’s Marketplace Uncle Giuseppe’s Marketplace attracts those who are passionate and pride themselves in top quality food and excellent customer service. Our company is based on values and family traditions and we are proud to serve families for almost two decades. The Uncle Giuseppe’s Team, which consists of over 1000 team members, exemplifies these core values and bring passion into the workforce each day. We strive to make each of our customer’s shopping experience a pleasant and unique one. Joining our team is not only about joining a company, but rather becoming part of Uncle Giuseppe’s Family where we believe that all families deserve nothing but the very best. Our company supports Team Member growth and a satisfying workplace. We believe in a balance between work and personal time. We are committed to our communities and providing our customers with the tastiest food that’s made with traditional old-fashioned Italian recipes, and using the highest quality ingredients available. If you are passionate about quality products and high levels of customer care, and want to grow your career, we invite you to complete our application process and look forward to discussing your interest and future at Uncle Giuseppe’s Marketplace. Job Types: Full-time, Part-time Benefits: * 401(k) * Dental insurance * Employee discount * Flexible schedule * Flexible spending account * Health insurance * Health savings account * Life insurance * Paid time off * Tuition reimbursement * Vision insurance Work Location: One location

What Does a Grocery Clerk Do?

Grocery Clerks typically work for grocery stores or large retail stores with a grocery section to uphold a clean and well-stocked store for customers. They work closely with other Grocery Clerks and staff members to complete daily tasks. Their job is to shelve food items, mop and sweep floors, clean up spills to ensure customer safety and showing customers where to find specific brands or food items. They may also receive training to work the cash register or help with bagging groceries and retrieving grocery carts from the parking lot.

Grocery Clerk Skills and Qualifications

A high-quality Grocery Clerk will have certain skills and qualifications. Looking for these requirements in your candidate ensures you hire a Grocery Clerk with distinct abilities to perform the job. Here are some skills and qualifications to look for in your Grocery Clerk:

  • Ability to work fast, but in an efficient and controlled manner
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills towards customers and store staff
  • Ability to operate as a team member and get along with others
  • Great attention to detail on tracking items progress from delivery to final sale
  • Ability to accept supervisory training related to performance, attitude and work habits
  • Ability to perform strenuous physical duties such as lifting, climbing, walking and standing for long periods
  • Excellent organization skills
  • Ability to exercise patience when dealing with customers

Grocery Clerk Salary Expectations

While there is no specific data available for a Grocery Clerk, the similar position of Grocery Associate makes on average $21.71 per hour. Salary will depend on experience, tenure and if you are working part or full-time.

Grocery Clerk Education and Training Requirements

A Grocery Clerk’s education and training requirements are imperative in helping you acquire a knowledgeable and trained Grocery Clerk. In this regard, a Grocery Clerk should have at least a high school diploma or equivalent qualification. They should have knowledge of operating backroom equipment like box baler and safety cutter. Grocery clerks should also be able to manage a cash register when necessary. 

Grocery Clerk Experience Requirements

A skilled Grocery Clerk will have various experiences in the field. Having this section in your Grocery Clerk’s job description helps you find an individual with proven capabilities of performing at the job. Therefore, a Grocery Clerk should have experience working as a Grocery Clerk. They may also have proven customer service or retail experience as an added advantage. Grocery Clerks should also have experience dealing with different products and brands to be able to advise customers accordingly.

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Frequently asked questions about Grocery Clerks


What is the difference between a Grocery Clerk and a Grocery Cashier?

The difference between a Grocery Clerk and a Grocery Cashier is that Grocery Clerks typically work in a particular department to restock shelves and maintain a clean space for customers. In contrast, Grocery Cashiers work specifically at the register, helping customers check out and bag up their food items. In certain situations, Grocery Clerks and Cashiers may be able to rotate their job duties depending on their training. However, large grocery stores usually keep these roles separate to maintain clear responsibilities for their employees and better productivity.


What are the daily duties of a Grocery Clerk?

On a typical day, a Grocery Clerk starts by helping move produce from the backroom to shelves in the correct departments. Throughout their shift, they greet customers and answer questions about where to locate produce. They respond to intercom announcements about spills and mop up the area to maintain cleanliness and customer safety. Toward the end of their shift, they check the expiration dates for fresh produce and discard those that surpassed their sell-by-date.


What qualities make a good Grocery Clerk?

A good Grocery Clerk is someone who has a personable nature. This allows them to provide excellent service to customers and engage in positive interactions with their coworkers. Grocery Clerks should have great organizational skills when it comes to stocking produce. This helps the store maintain a clean and well-organized reputation among customers. They should also be physically fit as they need to be able to walk or stand for the majority of their shift. They also need to be able to lift heavy boxes and push produce carts from the storeroom to the correct department.


Who does a Grocery Clerk report to?

A Grocery Clerk typically reports to the Grocery Store Supervisor on shift or Grocery Store Manager. The Grocery Store Supervisor directs Grocery Clerks to complete specific tasks during their shift and answers any questions they may have. The Grocery Store Manager typically oversees the general operations of the store, including hiring staff and handling customer complaints. Grocery Clerks may rely on Managers to provide them with a weekly or monthly work schedule.

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