Laborer Job Description Sample

When hiring for laborers, you must realize that every labor job requires a different set of skills and requirements. Therefore, it’s important to include a detailed job description with your posting, so people can understand their responsibilities and expectations. In this article, you’ll learn more about what a laborer does, and what duties, education and qualifications to expect.

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What does a Laborer do?

Laborers, specifically those on construction sites, will perform physical tasks such as cleaning, removing debris, loading and unloading materials, assembling and disassembling temporary structures, digging trenches, compacting earth, reading and following construction plans and blueprints and assisting skilled craftspeople with their duties. The job of a laborer vary, changing from day to day. They perform a variety of duties involving tool use, lifting, carrying and managing equipment and machinery to provide support and aid to the skilled craftspeople on-site.

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Laborer duties and responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities of a laborer are all geared toward maintaining a clean, safe and efficient construction site while also supporting the overall project. The list of duties and responsibilities for a laborer on any given day may include the following:

  • Cleaning and preparing construction sites
  • Loading and unloading materials and equipment
  • Building and taking down scaffolding and temporary structures
  • Digging trenches, compacting earth and backfilling holes
  • Operating and tending machinery and heavy equipment
  • Following instructions from supervisors and implementing construction plans
  • Assisting skilled tradespeople in their duties

Laborer skills and qualifications

Laborers must exhibit a specific set of qualifications and skills in the performance of their daily duties. While the job is largely physical, there is also a range of mental skills and knowledge a good laborer must possess. A few of these important qualities and skills can include:

  • Color vision: Laborers must be able to distinguish color clearly to perform their duties, such as knowing which colors of wire an electrician needs
  • Mathematics: Laborers have to perform calculations every day. Math skills that are vital to laborers include algebra and trigonometry, among others
  • Mechanical acuity: Laborers also must maintain and operate heavy equipment and machinery, from forklifts to jackhammers and more
  • Stamina and endurance: To perform their very physical job, laborers have to conduct strenuous and physically demanding tasks for long hours and in extreme environmental conditions
  • Strength: The lifting duties involved in the job of a laborer often require lifting and carrying weights in excess of 50 pounds.

Laborer salary expectations

On average, laborers in the United States make about $12.83 per hour. The bottom range of the salary for brand-new laborers is roughly the minimum wage of $7.25 an hour. At the high end of the range, the most experienced laborers who possess full qualifications and a variety of certifications can make as much as $24.20 per hour.

Laborer education and training requirements

For most laborer positions, a formal education is not generally required. However, a high school diploma is often needed to provide the basic math skills required for the job. In addition, those who work as assistants to professional tradespeople and craftspeople must have a high school education, which vocational-technical courses can bolster to teach blueprint reading, carpentry and welding. Those laborers who will be working with hazmat will need to be licensed in handling such materials. Your state can sometimes require other certifications for specific duties such as rigging, scaffold building and other complex tasks.

Laborer experience requirements

For the most part, experience isn’t required to become a laborer. As with any job, possessing experience can show a legacy of reliability and the ability to apply the necessary skills to perform the tasks required. This is especially true if your job history shows long-term employment, which demonstrates loyalty. Many laborers get their skills from on-the-job training, and if you have experience, employers will feel confident that they won’t have to spend as much time training you to perform the necessary duties at hand.

Job description samples for similar positions

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