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Logistics Coordinator Job Description: Top Duties and Qualifications

Last updated: October 11, 2023

A Logistics Coordinator, or Logistics Specialist Coordinator, prepares, routes and manages a company’s purchase orders. Their main duties include reviewing shipment materials before distributions, collaborating with transportation systems to ensure prompt shipment pick-ups and monitoring shipment costs and productivity processes.

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Logistics Coordinator duties and responsibilities

Individual wearing a safety vest, and holding a tablet. Make sure to alternate colors from the illustration above.Text reads: "Sample logistics coordinator duties:Coordinate transportation providers,Manage distribution & shipment budgets,Track & fix shipping errors,Review purchase orders & shipping documents"

A Logistics Coordinator facilitates communication between production, sales and distribution stages to promote a healthy and efficient supply chain. Their responsibilities often include:

  • Coordinating transportation providers to ensure prompt and proper movement of shipments
  • Responding to customer inquiries and referring clients to the proper channels
  • Reviewing purchase orders and shipping documents to ensure accuracy
  • Making special shipping arrangements as necessary
  • Tracking and fixing shipping errors
  • Preparing bills and invoices
  • Managing distribution and shipment budgets
  • Ensuring that the quality of all services provided meets the required standards
  • Developing processes that make the supply chain more efficient and organized
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Logistics Coordinator Job Description Examples

What does a Logistics Coordinator do?

Logistics Coordinators are typically employed by supply chain operations to manage the storage and transportation processes of the organization’s inventory and goods. They’ll acquire, store and take inventory of the raw materials needed for a product. Once the product is ready for distribution, the Logistics Coordinator will perform a quality check. They’ll then review the purchase orders and will prepare the product for delivery.

As it’s being delivered, the Logistics Coordinator will review and monitor the shipment’s delivery timeline to ensure it reaches the customer the customer quickly and safely. If there are any shipment or inventory issues, the Logistics Coordinators are responsible for addressing and resolving them.

Logistics Coordinator skills and qualifications

Logistics Coordinators use a variety of soft skills and industry knowledge of best practices to maintain and improve the stages of the supply chain. Those skills often include:

  • Effective communication, including writing, speaking and interpersonal communication
  • Quick critical thinking and problem-solving abilities
  • Excellent customer service and client relations skills
  • Keep organization and time management skills
  • Good collaboration and team work abilities
  • Great leadership and goal-setting skills
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced environment
  • Advanced data analysis and data visualization
  • Expert inventory management
  • Ability to use computers, software and other technology for inventory and communication purposes
  • Understanding of the supply chain, including common obstacles and effective solutions

Logistics Coordinator salary expectations

A Logistics Coordinator earns an average of $16.72 per hour. Pay rate may be based on level of education, experience and geographical location.

Logistics Coordinator education and training requirements

Many Logistics Coordinators have an associate or bachelor’s degree in business, supply chain management or a related field. In those programs, they completed coursework and gained critical knowledge in logistics, operations management, analysis, accounting and finance. Some candidates may have a background in a field relating to their industry, such as engineering or health care. Other candidates may have an in-progress or completed master’s degree, such as a Master of Business Administration or another relevant degree.

Candidates often complete hands-on training through internships, co-ops or class projects, allowing them to develop skills, practice strategies and perform role-related tasks.

Logistics Coordinator experience requirements

Entry-level candidates with internship experience may be great candidates to train in house, using the expertise of a more experienced Logistics Coordinator. Other entry-level candidates may have one to three years of experience working in an assistant capacity under experienced Logistics Coordinators. Candidates with more experience, such as those who have up to five years of related industry experience, like have industry and leadership experience or previous experience in a Logistics Coordinator.

Logistics Coordinator Job Description Template

We are looking for a reliable logistics coordinator to be responsible for the preparation and management of company purchase orders. A logistics coordinator’s responsibilities include reviewing shipment materials, and collaborating with transportation to ensure on-time pick-ups and delivery. You will also be responsible for monitoring the related cost to stay within budget.


  • Managing distribution and shipment budgets
  • Coordinating with transportation to track the movements of shipments
  • Review of purchase orders to ensure accuracy and fixingin shipment errors
  • Respond and follow up with all inquiries (written and verbal) for vendors and customers related to purchase orders
  • Work closely with Operations to mange inventory levels as needed


  • Ability to work in a fast paced environment
  • Understanding of the supply chain, including common obstacles and effective solutions
  • Proficient in MS Office (Excel and Word, in particular)
  • Proficient in standard logistics software
  • Excellent analytical, problem solving and organizational skills
  • Attention to detail
  • Ability to handle multiple purchase orders at once
  • 2 years of customer experience preferred but not required
  • Bilingual in Spanish and English prefered

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Frequently asked questions about Logistics Coordinators

Who reports to a Logistics Coordinator?

All employees who work in a supply chain warehouse will typically report to the Logistics Coordinator with any updates on shipments, inventories or deliveries. If there are any complex problems that occur with delivery costs, shipment timelines or inventory levels, the Warehouse Workers will report these issues to the Logistics Coordinators to logically and quickly resolve them.

If the Delivery Drivers work in-house for the same organization as the Logistics Coordinators, they’ll usually report directly to Logistics Coordinators as well. These Delivery Drivers will provide updates on their shipments and will inform Logistics Coordinators if they fall behind on delivery schedules, so they can plan accordingly and notify customers.

Do Logistics Coordinators have different responsibilities in different industries?

There are a wide variety of industries that Logistics Coordinators may work in, which may cause their responsibilities to vary depending on which they operate in. Some of them may work in healthcare, preparing medical equipment and communicating with various facilities on purchase orders and delivery times. Others may work in education, regularly contacting schools and universities to determine which supplies are needed for shipping each month.

There are also Logistics Coordinators who work in manufacturing and will regularly spend their time in the warehouse gathering and supplying raw materials for products. They’ll also consistently take and organize inventory levels to ensure there are enough materials available for product creation.

What settings do Logistics Coordinators typically work in?

The setting a Logistics Coordinator works in typically depends on the industry. Some of them may work primarily in an office, regularly taking purchase orders and reaching out to clients for delivery and product updates. Others may work directly in the warehouse or plant, communicating with employees to determine which materials are needed, tracking shipment times and resolving any issues that could affect the productivity and efficiency levels of employees.

What makes a good Logistics Coordinator?

A strong Logistics Coordinator should have impressive written and verbal communication skills, as they regularly reach out to customers via email or phone calls. Similarly, they must use interpersonal skills to listen to the needs of their employees and to relay important material, shipping and inventory details to them.

Since many issues may arise in the warehouse each day, Logistics Coordinators must have great problem solving and critical thinking skills to come up with quick and effective solutions. Ideal candidates should also be computer-savvy and have experience using logistics software to efficiently input data and shipping updates on a regular basis.

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