Marketer Job Description: Top Duties and Qualifications

Last updated: June 22, 2022

A Marketer, or Marketing Professional, is responsible for working with other marketing staff to develop unique campaign ideas to market a company’s products, services or overall brand identity. Their duties include completing market research to identify target audience demographics or reviewing previously successful marketing campaigns, working as part of a team to accomplish tasks by set deadlines and making adjustments throughout marketing campaigns to achieve better engagement from consumers.

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Marketer duties and responsibilities

A Marketer works with other members of a sales or marketing team to plan, execute and monitor a successful marketing campaign. Their duties and responsibilities often include:

  • Collaborating with sales, marketing, advertising, product design and product development team members to planning promotional marketing campaigns
  • Creating editorial and content creation calendars for various media platforms and outlets
  • Assisting with the design, negotiation and placement of billboards, traditional media ads on TV and radio, social media ads and email blasts
  • Producing a brand style guide that best captures the company or client’s voice and mission
  • Helping team leads set, allocate and monitor the budget of each project
  • Meeting with clients to discuss brand guidelines, goals, budget and timelines
  • Conducting market research to determine a target audience’s needs, wants, habits, interests and other relevant factors used in creating targeted marketing campaigns
  • Researching previous successful campaigns to understand what worked, what didn’t and what can be improved
  • Reviewing the progress and success of a campaign, making adjustments or pitching ideas for new campaigns as necessary
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Marketer Job Description Examples

What does a Marketer do?

Marketers typically work for corporations across industries as members of the marketing department, but they also work for marketing firms to complete contractual jobs for clients. They work closely with Content Creators, Project Managers, Marketing Specialists and Marketing Coordinators to determine the best methods for marketing a company’s products or services throughout marketing campaigns. Their job is to make presentations on campaign progress and strategize the right formats to reach consumers through their marketing campaign.

They may also be responsible for overseeing a company’s social media accounts or using their skills to create content like articles, blog posts, logos or infographics.

Marketer skills and qualifications

A Marketer uses various soft skills and industry knowledge to create and execute marketing plans for their company or clients, including:

  • Effective writing, speaking, presenting and active listening skills
  • Good interpersonal skills, including the ability to collaborate with management, team members, clients and customers where applicable
  • Familiarity with content management systems, webpage analytics, customer relationship management and other relevant software
  • Data analysis, critical thinking, problem-solving and decision-making 
  • Understanding of industry best practices
  • Creativity, adaptability and familiar with current marketing trends
  • Excellent collaboration and teamwork skills
  • Project management skills, like goal-setting and deadline management
  • Great organization, time management and prioritization abilities
  • Comfortable in high-pressure and fast-paced environments

Marketer salary expectations

Marketers earn an average of $14.10 per hour. Pay rate may depend on level of education, experience and geographical location.

Marketer education and training requirements

Entry-level Marketer candidates likely have an associate or bachelor’s degree in fields like marketing, advertising, communication, public relations or business administration. These programs provide candidates a foundation in marketing principles and best practices in marketing communication, consumer behavior and psychology, market research, sales, statistics, computer science and finance. Many candidates pursue training through practical coursework, projects and internships or cooperative education programs. Experienced Marketers may have a bachelor’s or master’s degree and professional marketing certification.

Marketer experience requirements

Entry-level Marketers may have previous experience in internships or other marketing roles, such as Marketing Assistant. Other relevant entry-level experience in customer service, retail or in an industry related to the products or companies being marketed is also applicable. Experienced Marketers may have a few years of experience in sales, promotion, marketing, advertising or public relations. Those with more than 5 years of experience may be ready to take on more complex tasks or leadership responsibilities.

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Frequently asked questions about Marketers


What is the difference between a Marketer and a Salesperson?

The difference between a Marketer and a Salesperson lies in job focus and subsequent job responsibilities. For example, Marketers work as members of the marketing department to complete market research, strategize campaign ideas and create campaign schedules. Their main goal is to promote awareness about their employer’s products, services or brand identity with the hope of increasing consumer engagement with their business.

In contrast, Salespeople work as members of the sales department within a corporation. They engage with consumers over the phone or in-person to tell them about company products and services and how they can benefit them. Their main goal is to promote sales of products or services and enhance revenue for their employer. Salespeople and Marketers typically collaborate on marketing or advertising initiatives for upcoming product launches or product sales.


What are the daily duties of a Marketer?

On a typical day, a Marketer starts by checking their email and voicemail to respond to time-sensitive messages from Managers or team members. They review data from current campaign initiatives and compile reports to present during marketing meetings. Throughout the day, they strategize with their team members about current or future marketing campaigns and approve content ideas. Marketers also create polls to distribute on different platforms so they can learn more about consumer demographics and potential target audiences.


What qualities make a good Marketer?

A good Marketer is someone who has an understanding of the industry they work in. They use their knowledge of consumer habits, industry competitors and industry trends to aid the creation of marketing campaigns. They value continued education and look for certification programs to enhance their skills in areas like content creation, marketing analytics or SEO tactics. Further, a good Marketer values the ideas of other Marketers and enjoys working as part of a team to accomplish tasks. A good Marketer also has a creative mindset that allows them to develop unique marketing strategies or campaign themes.


Who does a Marketer report to?

A Marketer typically reports to the Marketing Manager when working as an internal company employee in the marketing department. Marketing Managers act as a point of communication for Marketers to get advice about campaign ideas or approval for additional budgeting needs. For Marketers working at marketing or advertising firms, they report directly to the Firm Manager to receive client assignments and ask questions.

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