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Order Picker Job Description: Top Duties and Qualifications

Last updated: April 15, 2023

An Order Picker, or Picker Packer, is responsible for reading incoming orders and selecting the correct items from the warehouse shelves before staging them for delivery. Their duties include operating forklifts and other heavy machinery, updating inventory counts and counting out the appropriate number of goods to fulfill and order.

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Order Picker Duties and Responsibilities

The following are the duties and responsibilities of an Order Picker:

  • Collecting order notes to fulfill deliveries
  • Picking out ordered items from storage shelves or rooms using barcodes, serial numbers, etc.
  • Securely shrink-wrapping items before placing them in envelopes or boxes
  • Operating handling equipment according to industrial safety regulations
  • Loading delivery vehicles
  • Updating stock inventory after each item is retrieved
  • Managing stock control, including item replenishment and storage
  • Performing general warehouse duties as necessary
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Order Picker Job Description Examples

What Does an Order Picker Do?

Order Pickers work in warehouse environments to facilitate the process of sending out inventory in storage to customers or storefronts. Their role is to quickly and efficiently get items from their place on the shelves to a truck or shipping container. Order Pickers have an in-depth understanding of a warehouse’s layout so they can easily navigate to the correct aisle and find the type of inventory they need. The Order Picker performs basic quality assurance by inspecting goods and their containers for possible damage before packing them to be shipped. Pickers also maintain the machines they use and perform repairs.

Order Picker Skills and Qualifications

To be qualified for the role of Order Picker in a warehouse or storage facility, you’d need to have the following skills:

  • Ability to use a radio frequency or barcode scanner
  • In-depth knowledge of industry safety regulations
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced environment for long hours
  • Great team spirit
  • Great physical strength and fitness
  • Excellent attention to detail
  • Great self-independence and motivation
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills

Order Picker Salary Expectations

Typically, an Order Picker earns an average of $13.78 per hour. Salary expectations will vary with years of experience, geographical location and the employer. However, there are other benefits such as life insurance, disability insurance and employee discounts on products.

Order Picker Education and Training Requirements

There are typically no education requirements for an Order Picker but having a high school diploma or a General Education Development (GED) will be an added bonus. Usually, on-the-job training is provided to help the individual master all the necessary procedures. Order Pickers will also require a valid license for handling forklifts and other warehouse equipment.

Order Picker Experience Requirements

A qualified Order Picker should have at least one year of experience working as an Order Picker, a Packer or any other similar role in a warehouse or storage facility. They should be familiar with warehouse operations and following safety regulations. Order Pickers should also be experienced in the use of inventory management software. They should have experience working with handling equipment and be able to perform simple maintenance tasks on this equipment.

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Frequently asked questions about Order Pickers

What is the difference between an Order Picker and an Inventory Clerk?

While Order Pickers and Inventory Clerks both work in warehouses and distribution centers to manage stock, Order Pickers directly keep the supply chain moving efficiently while Inventory Clerks manage goods while they are in storage. Order Pickers bring stock from one place to another as part of the process of filling orders. Inventory Clerks count incoming shipments, ensure they get placed in the correct location on the shelves and organize containers to optimize the use of warehouse space. Inventory Clerks also look for discrepancies between the number of items in the system and the actual count to identify errors.

What are the qualities of a good Order Picker?

Good Order Pickers are focused and motivated when filling orders. They enjoy staying busy and always look for ways they can help others if they aren’t actively filling an order themselves. Successful Order Pickers need to have the physical strength and stamina to move around heavy merchandise and travel back and forth across a large warehouse to fill incoming orders without getting tired. A good Order Picker can stay alert on the job even when doing repetitive tasks and pays attention to safety protocols at all times, especially when operating a forklift or other equipment.

What are the daily duties of an Order Picker?

Order Pickers can work long shifts at a warehouse or distribution center to fill orders at any time of day. At the start of their shift, Order Pickers begin receiving tickets that describe the type and quantity of the items they need to gather. They use inventory management software to track down the correct items and make note if any of the listed goods is currently out of stock. When filling large orders, Order Pickers stack pallets onto forklifts and arrange the goods for easy access. They bring the completed order to the loading dock and secure them for delivery.

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