Project Coordinator Job Description Sample

This Project Coordinator job description sample can assist you in attracting the ideal candidate to your company. The hiring process can become easier once you customize this sample to fit your needs. Be sure to include the requirements and details specific to the position and your company.

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What does a Project Coordinator do?

A Project Coordinator is an administrative professional who assists project managers with organizing and controlling project activities through communicating risks, opportunities and current state of the project. They fulfill their obligations by coordinating meetings, resources, equipment and information. Project Coordinators handle projects with the goal of seeing them through on time and within budget. Project Coordinators’ roles are crucial to a company’s success because they ensure projects run smoothly by controlling workflow, scheduling assignments, evaluating the course of the project and reporting its status to the management and stakeholders.

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Project Coordinator duties and responsibilities

A professional Project Coordinator should be able to fulfill various duties and responsibilities. They should be able to work closely with project managers to create comprehensive action plans concerning resources, budgets and timeframes for projects. Project managers perform various coordinating duties such as scheduling and risk management. The following are additional duties and responsibilities that a project coordinator should be able to do:

  • Participate in project design meetings and propose improvements if necessary
  • Evaluate potential problems and technical hitches and develop solutions
  • Plan and manage team goals, project schedules and new information
  • Supervise current projects and coordinate all team members to keep workflow on track
  • Manage project-related paperwork by ensuring all necessary materials are current, properly filed and stored
  • Direct project correspondences by preparing and reviewing project proposals, memos, meeting minutes and emails
  • Communicate with clients to identify and define project requirements, scope and objectives
  • Adhere to budget by monitoring expenses and implementing cost-saving measures

Project Coordinator skills and qualifications

A successful Project Coordinator will have certain prerequisite skills and qualifications. This category of a job description is important because it determines the ability of a candidate to perform as a project coordinator. The following skills and qualifications help you get a high-quality Project Coordinator:

  • Good communication and interpersonal skills capable of maintaining strong relationships
  • Strong organizational and multi-tasking skills
  • Excellent analytical and problem solving abilities
  • Team-management and leadership skills
  • Documentation management and ability to use project management tools
  • Attention to details even under pressure
  • Time management skills with the ability to meet deadlines

Project Coordinator salary expectations

The average salary for a Project Coordinator is $46,942 per year in the United States. Variations on the job salary depend on a company’s industry and its location in the country. When coming up with a fair compensation for your Project Coordinator, ensure you review industry requirements and similar positions in your geographical area.

Project Coordinator education and training requirements

Education and training requirements for a Project Coordinator are crucial to your business’ success. They prove that the candidate has sufficient academic and training background to be able to perform at the job. Therefore, a Project Coordinator should have a bachelor’s degree in business or any related field. They should also be computer literate with knowledge of the current technology used in the position. A Project Coordinator should have enough training on project management and development procedures. Training on operation of project management tools is an added advantage to consider for this job description.

Project Coordinator experience requirements

A Project Coordinator’s experience on the job is an essential requirement for a competitive candidate. Experience proves that project managers are capable of fulfilling their duties and responsibilities with high-level precision. In this regard, a Project Coordinator should have hands-on experience in bookkeeping, reporting and budgeting. They should also have previous working experience in the Project Coordinator field. Experience in project management, from conception to delivery, is also something to look out for in this category.

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