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Restaurant Manager duties and responsibilities

Maximizing the value of an appealing atmosphere in the restaurant requires a good bit of business savvy. Culinary school graduates may bring out the advantage of a well-planned and well-plated dinner. Restaurant managers will take responsibility for the following duties on a regular basis:

  • Ensuring incoming staff complies with company policy
  • Training staff to follow restaurant procedures
  • Maintaining safety and food quality standards
  • Keeping customers happy and handling complaints
  • Organizing schedules
  • Keeping track of employees' hours
  • Recording payroll data
  • Ordering food, linens, gloves and other supplies while staying within budget limitations

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What does a Restaurant Manager do?

A Restaurant Manager hires staff such as servers, cooks and dishwashers, creating standards of job performance for these new hires. They monitor the quality of food, service and presentation in the restaurant, and they coach employees so as to enhance guests’ experiences at the restaurant. At the busiest times, they should take on any task in the restaurant with ease, whether cooking, serving or cleaning. They should handle high-stress situations calmly and with good judgment to please customers and keep staff focused on their daily goals. They may need to handle food supply orders, scheduling of staff, payroll and the overall budget.

Restaurant Manager skills and qualifications

A common goal for Restaurant Managers isn’t just to keep restaurants running smoothly, but also to increase profitability and sales growth. That means finding someone with financial management skills can be a big advantage. Other skills and qualifications to consider including in your Restaurant Manager job description include:

  • High school diploma or GED
  • Previous restaurant experience
  • Prior work as a manager or supervisor
  • Success with customer service
  • Training in food safety
  • Experience with long shifts
  • Financial literacy
  • Ability to keep inventory organized
  • Understanding of local regulations
  • Availability to work a flexible schedule (e.g., days, nights, weekends, holidays)
  • Some marketing background or experience
  • Ability to operate POS (point of sale) systems, back-of-house systems and restaurant operating systems

Restaurant Manager salary expectations

According to Indeed Salaries, a Restaurant Manager makes an average of $49,651 per year. Salary may depend on level of experience, education, the type of restaurant and location.

Restaurant Manager education and training requirements

While a high school diploma and in-house training may help a Restaurant Manager meet basic requirements, further training and education can be even more of an advantage.

For example, some Restaurant Managers hold associate’s or bachelor’s degrees in restaurant management or hospitality management, which can help them handle complex job aspects such as bookkeeping more easily. Others may hold a ServSafe Food Protection Manager Certification or have related hospitality and restaurant management certifications that help prepare them for the job. A manager’s training in culinary arts may help with food quality, presentation and customer service at a restaurant as well.

Restaurant Manager experience requirements

Restaurant Managers should have the experience and business savvy to efficiently handle all aspects of day-to-day restaurant work. They need to be comfortable working in the kitchen or waiting tables if a busy day requires it. Those who previously excelled in other restaurant jobs, such as a server, chef, bartender or waiter, will know how to hire and train employees and help them meet high standards of service and food safety.

Additionally, skills such as supervisory tact and communication can create a strong management-employee bond and improve employee retention, so at least two years of experience managing others in a supervisory or management role is a good indicator that a candidate will succeed in the position.

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