Tax Accountant Job Description: Top Duties and Qualifications

A Tax Accountant, or Tax CPA, is a finance professional responsible for helping individuals and organizations file their taxes appropriately while following legal guidelines and obtaining the maximum possible tax return. Their duties include collecting tax forms and tracking client paperwork, identifying potential tax credits and producing tax reports.

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Tax Accountant duties and responsibilities

A Tax Accountant’s duties are all tax-related and include the following:

  • Prepare tax provisions schedules, returns, payments, reports and maintain a company’s tax database
  • Find tax solutions to complicated tax issues or errors from incorrect tax filings
  • Identify legal tax savings and recommend ways to improve profits
  • Make sure that clients comply with federal, state and local tax regulations
  • Advise management about the impact of tax liabilities and corporate strategies or new tax laws
  • Coordinate outsourced tax preparation work
  • Accurately prepare quarterly and annual tax reports
  • Keep up-to-date with tax changes and industry trends by participating in educational opportunities, participating in professional organizations, keeping up with professional networks and reading professional publications

Tax Accountant Job Description Examples


Example 1

*Senior Tax Accountant * *JOB Summary: * To plan, prepare, review and anticipate all assigned financial reports and projects of assigned clients. Assignments will include tax preparation, tax planning, compilation and preparation of current and prospective financial reports, review of financial reports, and other special tax/accounting related projects. *Company: * Pittenger Accounting Group, LLC is a full-service accounting firm. Our firm is experiencing exponential growth and we need to add to our staff to accommodate. As a senior accountant of Pittenger Accounting Group, LLC. you will provide an array of tax/accounting services to a variety of local small to mid-sized companies as well as individuals. Not only will you gain exposure to different industries, but also valuable experience from a tax/accounting perspective working in or overseeing multiple cases. This is a great opportunity for a dedicated and motivated CPA. We celebrate a culture of work/life balance, collaboration, personal development, and fun. *JOB Functions: * * Prepare and/or review tax returns for corporations, partnerships, and individuals, including federal, state and local tax returns, tax planning, estimated payments and extensions * Participate in client engagements by providing corporate, partnership, and individual tax services * Devise, plan and execute tax strategies and research potential tax issues * Prepare clients’ annual, quarterly or monthly financial statements * Assist clients with payroll, W-2’s, and 1099’s etc. * Prepare property tax returns and state tax returns * Set clients up with bookkeeping skills and software * Field and answer client questions regarding tax returns, financial statements, etc. * Seek and provide solutions for client’s problem areas * Assist Accounting and Tax Managers with all duties * Responsible for the preparation of assigned financial reports, including income statements, balance sheets, cash flow, and reports to shareholders. * Proactively review assigned clients’ cash flow to optimize return on capital, financial reports and financial analysis and provide professional commentary on client’s cash sufficiency and internal controls. * Over-see assignments such as budget preparation and other cash functions * Review reports to analyze projection of sales and profit against actual figures, budgeted expenses against final totals, and suggest methods of improving the planning process as appropriate. * Analyze client operations and offer advice to Tax and Accounting Managers * Identify opportunities and areas that need to be reorganized, down-sized, or eliminated * Review/evaluate staff work and offers clear feedback, constructive criticism and encouragement *Qualifications: * * CPA license or candidate (preferred) * Minimum of 5 years of experience in public accounting * Excellent analytical and organizational skills * Motivated to meet client deadlines and provide superior client service * A team player with strong relationship skills * Experience with Drake Tax Software, QuickBooks, and Microsoft Applications Preferred * Excellent verbal and written communication skills *For consideration, please forward your resume and salary requirements.* Benefits include competitive salary, paid holidays, medical benefits including dental and vision, 401K with match, and PTO' ' Work Location: * One location Work Remotely * Yes Job Type: Full-time Pay: $60,000.00 - $80,000.00 per year Education: * Bachelor's (Preferred) Experience: * Tax experience: 1 year (Preferred) * CPA License or are you an Enrolled Agent (Preferred) Work Location: One location

Example 2

Kwik Trip, Inc.’s Tax Accounting team is looking for a highly motivated, hard-working and change oriented Senior Tax Accountant. This position will be responsible for leading a team and overseeing income tax compliance as well as managing audits for the company. Responsibilities include: · Oversee and lead team of income tax accountants · Oversee preparation of individual and entity tax return filing process · Oversee the preparation of complex tax calculations · Maintain due dates for filing tax returns to ensure payments and filings are made timely · Monitor preparation of tax related fixed asset records and maintenance of depreciation files · Lead and manage federal and state income tax audits · Research audit results and implement corrective actions · Respond to various governmental income tax notices in a timely manner · Monitor and analyze federal and state tax laws/regulations and research topics affecting the company and shareholders as necessary · Prepare technical documentation to communicate income tax related issues · Implement various tax systems/software programs to automate and streamline processes to operate efficiently · Recommend and assist with implementation of enhancements to processes and procedures related to evolution of the company, changes in the business environment and tax law changes · Develop effective relationships with Accounting, Finance and Operations departments Qualifications: · Bachelor's degree in Accounting or Finance · CPA credential is beneficial · 5-8 years of income tax compliance experience preferred · Supervisor experience is a plus · Ability to understand overall company operations and strategy in order to identify all planning opportunities · Ability to interpret and understand tax law · Ability to interact with various federal, state, and local tax jurisdictions · Ability to effectively lead and supervise a team · Ability to adapt to new systems quickly · Ability to prioritize and multitask to manage multiple projects to meet deadlines · Effective written, oral and interpersonal communication skills · Strong analytical and financial skills · Strong attention to detail · Strong organization and time management skills · Proficiency in Microsoft Office products (Excel, Word, Outlook, PowerPoint) · Experience with SAP and tax preparation software preferred Work Schedule: Typically Monday through Friday, daytime hours. May occasionally include evenings or weekend hours. Job Type: Full-time Benefits: * 401(k) * Dental insurance * Disability insurance * Flexible schedule * Health insurance * Life insurance * Paid time off * Vision insurance * Work from home Schedule: * Monday to Friday Supplemental Pay: * Bonus pay Education: * Bachelor's (Preferred) Experience: * Tax experience: 1 year (Preferred) * CPA (Preferred) Work Location: One location

Example 3

Bishop & Adkins, P.A., an established CPA firm located in Bel Air, Maryland, is seeking an experienced individual income Tax Accountant. This is a seasonal position requiring at least 25 hours per week during tax season and may be on an “as needed” basis outside of tax season. Candidate must possess a strong knowledge of individual tax law and be comfortable communicating with clients. *Duties/Responsibilities* * Prepare individual tax returns for our clients using commercial tax software * Ensure compliance with all federal and state individual tax filing requirements * Communicate with clients during the tax preparation process not only to obtain needed information but to discuss pertinent tax issues and final results * Identify client needs and tax planning opportunities * Identify and research tax issues using online software * Assist clients in resolving disputes with government agencies, including audits/notices * Prepare work papers supporting the tax return when needed * Efficiently manage a high-volume workload, providing timely results to our clients * Work with others collaboratively in a team-oriented environment *Qualifications* * Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting or other business-related field preferred * CPA license and active PTIN preferred * 3+ years preparing individual income tax returns for clients required * Proficiency with commercial tax and accounting software, preferably Lacerte, RIA, and QuickBooks * Proven experience in technical tax competencies for individual tax matters * Strong written and oral communication skills Compensation is commensurate with experience. This seasonal position could be increased to a full-time position for the right candidate. Job Types: Full-time, Part-time Pay: $40,000.00 - $95,000.00 per year Education: * Bachelor's (Preferred) Experience: * Tax experience: 1 year (Preferred) * CPA (Preferred) Work Location: One location

Example 4

Our company is looking for a qualified candidate to help our senior VP of accounting with our clients which range from small and mid size business owners to individuals that need everything from doing there books and payroll to having there taxes prepared! Job Type: Full-time Pay: $45,000.00 - $75,000.00 per year Benefits: * 401(k) * Dental insurance * Disability insurance * Flexible schedule * Health insurance * Life insurance * Paid time off * Vision insurance * Work from home Schedule: * Monday to Friday Supplemental Pay: * Bonus pay COVID-19 considerations: We are wanting everyone to wear a mask while walking around the office and when they come in. Education: * Bachelor's (Preferred) Experience: * Tax experience: 10 years (Preferred) * CPA (Preferred) Work Location: One location

What does a Tax Accountant do?

Tax Accountants can work at accounting firms, accounting departments at large companies or as part of the financial team for a small business. Their primary role is to make sure that their clients file their taxes appropriately to prevent fines. They process complex tax paperwork and government forms, appropriately documenting business activities to make it easier to prepare annual tax returns. Tax Accountants audit company records to identify and correct any mistakes or source missing documents. They create a tax payment schedule and help manage their client’s tax budget.

Tax Accountants also serve a supervisory and consulting position where they recommend company policies to enable savings on taxes. They research tax laws and stay up-to-date on the potential tax liabilities in their industry.

Tax Accountant skills and qualifications

A great Tax Accountant needs to have the following key skills:

  • Good communication skills: A Tax Accountant must be able to explain complex tax regulations in a simple and clear way to non-specialists so that they can understand easily.
  • Numeracy: Although a Tax Accountant does not need to be a math genius, he or she will be working with numbers, and thus needs to be comfortable with numbers. 
  • Time management: Being a Tax Accountant means that there are specific deadlines that need to be met. A Tax Accountant must be able to prioritize tasks and take responsibility for a professional workload. 
  • Problem-solving skills: A great Tax Accountant must be able to solve issues and be creative in their thinking. For example, a Tax Accountant may need to reduce the amount of tax a client pays, it’s up to the Tax Accountant to know which tools are available and find a clever solution using tools like trusts and tax-free investments.
  • Attention to detail: The regulations in the tax law mean exactly what they say, a Tax Accountant must pay attention to each word in the law.   
  • Well-organized:  During their career, a Tax Accountant will face many complex issues and tasks, thus, being well-organized and able to work through them methodically is an essential skill.

Tax Accountant salary expectations

On average, in the U.S., a Tax Accountant can expect to earn a yearly salary of $61,946. This salary estimated is based on 1,849 salaries submitted to Indeed, by Tax Accountants and collected over the past 36 months from job posts. This estimated salary is based on 1 to 3 years of Tax Accountant job experience. 

Tax Accountant education and training requirements

To qualify as a Tax Accountant, a candidate must have a bachelor’s or master’s degree in Accounting or relevant field. Taking a certified public accountant exam upon graduation may give a candidate a competitive edge over other applicants. 

Tax Accountant experience requirements

Job experience requirements may vary from company to company, with most businesses requiring at least 3+ years of experience as a Tax Accountant or in a similar role.  

Job description samples for similar positions

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Frequently asked questions about Tax Accountant

What is the difference between a Tax Accountant and a Tax Preparer?

Tax Accountants and Tax Preparers are both financial professionals dedicated to helping their clients manage their tax information. The main difference between a Tax Preparer and a Tax Accountant is the scope of their work. Tax Preparers provide basic assistance to clients during tax season, while Tax Accountants consistently work with their clients to shape their financial management strategies. 

Tax Accountants also have more advanced qualifications than Tax Preparers, allowing them to give in-depth financial help to their clients. Tax Preparers have the training to help someone file their tax returns appropriately, but they may not have the advanced financial training to advise on company tax policy. Tax Preparers primarily work with individuals instead of businesses because of the complex nature of company tax returns.


What are the daily duties of a Tax Accountant?

Tax Accountants work in an office environment, where they use bookkeeping techniques to manage a large amount of company paperwork. Tax Accountants are usually the busiest during tax season when they actively work to file taxes on time for their clients, although they may also prepare tax returns throughout the year to help clients working on an extended schedule. They request tax forms, collect signatures to authorize submissions, review tax summaries and document each client’s tax status. They conduct research to resolve issues, make corrections to tax forms and digitize paper documents. Tax Accountants communicate with company leaders to determine how their business choices could impact their tax burden.


What are the characteristics of a good Tax Accountant?

Because Tax Accountants work with extensive amounts of paperwork, receipts and forms, they must be highly organized. Good Tax Accountants are able to devise logical systems to plan, sort and track financial information for each client, creating clear documentation that complies with legal regulations. They should have excellent math skills to help them calculate the tax costs related to different sources of income and accurately predict the amount of each tax return. 

It’s also important for Tax Accountants to display honesty and integrity in their work to build trust with clients and prevent tax fraud. Successful Tax Accountants respect confidentiality for their clients and treat sensitive financial information with attentive care. They give their clients sound financial advice while upholding laws to ensure they make an appropriate tax contribution.


What should you look for on a Tax Accountant's resume?

When hiring for a Tax Accountant, look for candidates who have a valid Certified Public Accountant designation. Candidates with CPA status have to meet rigorous knowledge requirements, preparing them to handle tax accounting responsibilities. Look for resumes that feature previous experience working with or learning about corporate tax law to select candidates with extensive knowledge of IRS tax code. Prioritize candidates who share the impact of their expertise by identifying how they have saved clients money or streamlined their tax documents.

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