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Reach 350M+ peopleSource: Indeed Internal Data, average monthly unique visitors April – September 2023

Indeed reaches 93% of online US job seekersComscore Plan Metrix Multi-Platform, 18+ Job Search Audience, May 2022, and we put your jobs in front of the right workers for your business.

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With Indeed Smart Sourcing, match and connect with quality talent from Indeed’s pool of 245 million resumes.

  • 71x Matched candidates you invite to apply are 17x more likely to apply to your job than job seekers who only see it in searchIndeed data (US), August 2023
  • 93% of employers claim Indeed delivers the highest quality matches compared to other online job sitesIndeed U.S. Employer Survey, March 2023, (n=600)
  • 94% of US employers report saving time hiring through IndeedIndeed U.S. Employer Survey, March 2023, (n=600)

How to recruit new employees

Need help finding quality candidates? Check out our video on creating a strategy and finding the right employees for your business. We cover creating job postings, contacting prospective applicants, and managing the recruitment process. Discover how you can help you identify the best talent and maximize your recruitment efforts.

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Find the employees you’re looking for, faster. Pay to post your job to maximize your job posting’s visibility. Indeed is the ideal matching and hiring platform for quickly identifying and connecting with quality job seekers. With our powerful search engine, resume database, and streamlined hiring process, it’s easy to find quality employees for your business.

*Source: Indeed data (worldwide)

“Indeed allowed us to really find the very best talent.”

Jono Anzalone, Executive Director The Climate Initiative

“With Indeed, it really just helps [make] it easier to find the candidates that I need."

Cassandre Davilmar, Founder Lakou Café

“I found a good mix of people. It feels like a family working here.”

Anna Costello, Founder Ship Sunshine

“Matched candidates has definitely been a big win for us.”

Patryk Gawlak, Owner Peak Cleaning Service
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Frequently asked questions about finding workers

Yes, you can search our resume database and see a preview of candidates’ resumes for free. However, you’ll need an Indeed account and an active Indeed Smart Sourcing subscription to view full resumes and contact candidates.

Finding the right employees starts with targeting the right candidates. Imagine your ideal employee and write a job description that outlines their skills, work experience and qualifications. Split your list of requirements into must-haves vs. nice-to-haves to encourage a more diverse set of candidates to apply.

Additionally, consider sponsoring your job to unlock matched candidates.

While more people might see your online job post, posting help wanted ads offline can also be effective. You can post help wanted ads in local newspapers, on college campuses or in your business’s window to attract candidates to your open role(s).

Consider cross-posting your job on Indeed and in print if it makes sense for your business.